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Ready Reserve Foods – The Acorn Program (Stockpiling the Easy Way!)

I wanted to take a brief moment and point out that one of our wonderful sponsors, Ready Reserve Foods, has a neat program they’re offering called The Acorn Program “where the customer chooses their wish list out of our complete line of products (ammunition included) and then sets a monthly budget. We’ll handle the rest and compile the largest amount of products out of their budget and ship it direct every month, with no additional fees.”

Choose from any number of items in their wish list, including food, equipment and gear… even ammunition!

You can learn more about the program in their Good / Better / Best Purchase Options Guide [PDF File]. In fact, you need to use this brochure to place your order as all “wish list” items and the necessary order form are included within the guide. Check it out as it may be exactly what you need to get your preparations where you want them to be. :)

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