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Referral Question for You, The Readers…

I’ve been wondering how to increase readership here at reThinkSurvival and want to know what YOU think….

While we’ve had great response over the past several months, for some time we’ve been hovering around the 1400 subscriber mark and I’m wanting to very significantly increase that number. To do so…

  • I ask with all my heart that if you regularly visit reThinkSurvival that you willfully choose to share this website with your friends and family. Certainly, a recommendation from YOU bears the most weight with those you know. Please choose to use the Like and Twitter buttons, or whatever else you choose to use, to share RTS.
  • I’m considering a referral giveaway contest. So far I have a few sponsors that are graciously offering products to incentivize you to share RTS with others. Is this something you would be interested in participating in? If so, what format would make you WANT to and ENCOURAGE others to sign-up? I’m thinking it would be for a “new subscribers” only type of contest but would be open to suggestions. Comment below if you have an opinion.

11 comments to Referral Question for You, The Readers…

  • Cathy

    I have sent links to articles to friends and family members. some didn’t acknowledge them, but others said they checked out the site. I am slowly working on family–some are real blockheads! and say I am just crazy.

  • N. Boone

    I will post a link to this site on my facebook. While i cannot speak for all of my friends and family, i do know that some are concerned with the state and direction of our country, and have expressed interest in preparing for possible crisis.

  • vikki

    I appreciate your strait forward information. I dont know how to help you increase your readership, unfortunately I dont know any one that would be interested in this.

    • I understand completely. It wasn’t that long ago when it seemed everyone I knew had zero interest in prepping… just goes to show that persistence pays off, or maybe it’s just coincidence. :) Thank you for continuing to read!

  • Mike

    Everyone knows that word of mouth is the best and cheapest way to go. Unfortunately as your other poster suggested the number of people one knows that is concerned enough to read your site are limited. I know about 8 other preppers (God I hate that word) and have sent the site to them and if I have forgotten some of them I will be taking it with me to our meeting next month.

    I think having a give away to the most people brought in is just going to be a night mare for you to keep track of and lead to a flurry of things going wrong. What I do, for my 2 cents, is take certain stories that you do and find everyday uses for people who are not prepping and I send them the article. That way they see the item but also visit your web site. As I found out over the holidays some people prep but are very quiet about it so you never know who needs the info. SO it allows me to send bits and pieces to a lot of people who may then visit your site or sign up for your email.

    There are a lot of us who try to educate the others around us about the coming problems we may face. Unfortunately doing this opens us up to some knowledge that you may not want out and probably shouldn’t let out. But to help people we do it anyway. I have been doing this for almost 4 years and I have just recently decide to go quiet. This Christmas I gae people a Latter Day Saints starter box to get them going. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

  • Dave

    Am one of your subscribers, (and your website is right up there- as a very good source of information). There is only one other ‘prepper’ that I personally know of, and he’s already onto you. I don’t have time for facebook or twitter, (whatever in hell that is). Can start including your address in emails to folks, though- see how that works.
    Best wishes in the new year!

    • I was right with you about Facebook and Twitter as I tried to avoid them for many, many years. Honestly, I really only use them as another means to allow readers to stay informed. I had even avoided iPods and iPads (got both of them now) for a long time too… seems like I travel further and further down the rabbit hole each day… yikes!

  • sam

    Yes I check your posts daily and share with family friends and whoever will listen.