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Daily YouTube – Refugee Bags for SHTF (Good Idea or Not?)

[North Carolina Prepper talks about the concept of refugee bags--food handouts--for SHTF scenarios. While I do feel that charity is the right idea if you're able to help others out, I've seen many people act as if they could simply pass along free food when needy people come to their door and expect that to be the end of it. IMO, this is a recipe for disaster for the very reasons North Carolina Prepper talks about. His solution is to sell his refugee bags but I'm not sure that is a great plan either. The point is to strongly consider your stance and actions in just such a scenario because it is almost guaranteed you will face it.]

2 comments to Daily YouTube – Refugee Bags for SHTF (Good Idea or Not?)

  • T.R.

    Very cool Idea , sort of like a more labor intensive and healthier MRE . I like the compactness and organizational part of it , + 10 for that alone . I think it warrants some experimentation on my part . Great post !
    As far as who you help ………no easy answers and we will all have to play that one by ear when the time comes . Damned if you do, and damned if you dont . I would say family comes first .

  • AniOre

    Who has the friends (or family) that are aware that you have been preparing and say, “oh Ill just go to your house if the SHTF” ? I have friends who say that but they truly don’t believe it’ll ever come to that~ family they believe the Lord will come and get us first and I too believe the Lord will come, but I tell my family I will take care of them til he does.
    Regarding the question above ~ handouts or selling food a good idea? I don’t think its a great idea ~ like he said, once known there will be many others coming to the door for handouts, and when you say its no more ~ its just another scenario for creating a volitile situation. In ref to a previous subject of not putting all your preps in one area and hiding majority of your preps ~ thats a good idea so that you appear that you are living off the same final staples everyone else is..and just being more frugal about it is the best bet I think (and if you do get looted, only that fews days worth that you show, will be lost) Of course having a starving child and mother standing at my door, I might be of heart to share our current meal~ I think bartering maybe a good idea too ~ if someone has something I need and vice versa there be a trade ~ but then again, worry about word getting out is the dilemna. I hope where I finally buy a piece of property next year, I can get to know my neighbors and we can form a community ~ sharing in our strengths, skills, and what we each farm. Ultimately, may my family be right ;) ?