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Remember the Kid-Sized Preps Too

Next week my child starts Cub Scout camp, so yesterday I was trying to assemble the supplies that they’ve been asked to bring. One of those supplies was a rain poncho. At first, I was going to give him one of my ponchos but I quickly realized that it wouldn’t fit properly whatsoever, and then it dawned on me: my kids don’t have rain ponchos that actually fit them! From a family prepper’s perspective, that’s a problem.

While this wasn’t a life or death situation, it definitely showed me my lack of foresight with regards to my kids. The thing is, I figured my kids were “ready”. After all, I have food they like, flavored drinks, assorted clothes and shoes, entertainment they enjoy, and so on. I just didn’t consider all of the possible scenarios they could have been involved with; after all, my kids have never needed a poncho for any reason. Obviously, inclimate weather was one of those scenarios I did not consider properly.

With regards to this rain poncho situation, I’ve decided I’ll purchase a few children’s ponchos this weekend for use next week and to keep for the future. Of course, in a pinch my children could have used an adult-sized poncho or I could have created a make-shift poncho out of a few garbage bags if I had to.

The question now is: what else am I forgetting about? Keeping with the inclimate weather topic for a moment, my eldest child wouldn’t have appropriate winter clothes, boots, or gloves; this is yet another problem since we don’t bother to find appropriate winter clothing for him until… winter. That’s not very prepper-like!

What else?

Fortunately, my children don’t need prescription medications, glasses, or any other necessary supplies like that. If they did, I would certainly want to stock them; besides, I think I would have considered those already.

Off the top of my head, a few other thoughts could include: appropriately sized tools (such as for gardening), sleeping bags, flashlights and lanterns, and air filtration masks. You might also consider kid-tolerable products such as insect repellent, sunblock, shampoo, etc.

As much as I like to believe I’m ready for most anything, perhaps I AM ready, but it seems my family is not.

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