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Review of Cansolidator Canned Food Storage Shelving (40 Can Unit)

The Cansolidator is a nifty way to store your canned foods and ensures you are using the First-In-First-Out (FIFO) method of food storage. I have used them and can recommend you use do as well.

Designed for those of us who have difficulty with rotating foods (especially when the pantry fills up), the Cansolidator takes the guess work out of rotation so you can focus on more important aspects of preparedness.

The Good Points

  • Enforces FIFO method to ensure use of the oldest cans first (that’s the whole point!)
  • Easy to assemble yet sturdy while in use
  • Adjustable to fit most sizes from larger cans of corn to smaller cans of tuna fish or tomato paste
  • Possible to stack IF you are willing to secure them together using something like wire ties

The Slightly Annoying Points

  • Once you’ve adjusted your Cansolidator to fit various can sizes, you generally have to stay with that can size or spend a few minutes removing cans and readjusting to suit your needs
  • Can be difficult to fit properly on some shelves (due to depth or height issues) so be sure to measure where you intend to place your Cansolidator (size is 11″-High x 30″-Long x 16.5″-Deep)

If you would prefer the large, standing unit then this is what you want… the Harvest Food Rotation System. Yes, it is expensive, but it bascially acts as an additional pantry. My in-laws have it and absolutely love it. I haven’t yet decided the expense if worth it but for those who use canned foods a lot then it could be a worthy investment. Again, the Harvest Food Rotation System is THE way to go for maximum pantry flexibility if your budget allows it.

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