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Review of Maxpedition Falcon 2 Backpack

Following is a quick review of a bag I’ve been wanting to buy for a while now to replace our current bug out bags. This Maxpedition Falcon 2 Backpack has plenty of nice reviews both from Amazon and YouTube. While it is smaller than the bags we currently have, I’m beginning to learn that I don’t necessarily need as much as I think I do.

As the reviews points out, you’re better off spending the money on quality gear the first time. I’ve learned this lesson with the bags we currently have. While they’re ok for the money we spent, I’ve had a few parts break (such as clips) with minimal wear. I’m positive that I wouldn’t want to bet my life on them, but this Maxpedition bag looks like something I would be willing to do so with.

If you’re looking to put together a descent bug out bag, START with a quality bag; you won’t be disappointed. If interested, you can also find plenty of alternative backpack reviews in my YouTube Product Reviews page.

6 comments to Review of Maxpedition Falcon 2 Backpack

  • Looks nice. I’ve heard good things about the Maxpedition stuff.

    We just ordered a Barrage Hydration Pack that my son is using as a quasi BOB. He loves it.


  • T.R.

    I had read conversations about civil packs vs. military packs for use as a BOB . On one side of the coin , the civil packs dont attract as much attention in an urban area , but are usually loud colors and your stuck with the configuration they give you but are much more comfortable long distance . The military packs are usually much more robust and you can generally take much more abuse than a civil pack , they are very customizable as the new ones use the palls/molle system , giving you more load options , they are less comfortable for long distance , they come in better colors . The only alternative that blends the best of both worlds are hunting packs , downside is that they are pricy for a good one .The Eberlestock Blue widow is about the best one I’ve seen for options . Although I have never handled one myself , The reviews of the US Marine ILBE packs are fantastic and say they are as comfortable as a civil pack .

    • Civilian vs Military is certainly a consideration I haven’t paid much attention to. IMO, take what works for you as there may be a hundred reasons you’ll attract attention besides the bag you take!

  • T.R.

    That looks ok , but the one I have is made by Mil-tek germany , its a 50 ltr pack , so by itself its big enough to hold my 17 inch laptop . it has several areas with palls webbing on it so its molle compatible . Ive abused it for about a year now , its very well made and have several molle pouches on it , I would recommend it , my old el cheapo fell apart after a year , after I got this one , its been fantastic . Best of all its in Flecktarn lol