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Review of Waterproof NATO Matches

Waterproof NATO matches are a tried and true tool for firestarting. As such, matches are certainly something you should have plenty of and keep in your bug out bag, vehicle kit, and at home.

The major drawback to matches in general is that they are absolutely useless in bad weather (wind and rain), which is likely when you need them the most. Fortunately, there is a ready solution… wind/waterproof matches. Some of the best I’ve found are the NATO Water and Windproof Matches. Although similar to most other waterproof matches, these are packaged in a waterproof pill-style plastic bottle; most other matches are packaged in a slide-out cardboard container that would become relatively useless when wet. You get 25 matches per container. So, if you buy a few of these you’ll have enough to keep you covered.

Know that these matches are NOT strike anywhere matches so you must use the provided plastic bottle to light them. In a true survival situation you would want strike anywhere matches which, unfortunately, are getting more difficult to find. Given your choices in matches, you can’t go wrong with these.

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