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Review of AMK SOL Escape Bivvy

SensiblePrepper does a nice job reviewing this SOL Emergency Bivvy sac by Adventure Medical Kits. I have a similar bivvy made by AMK but this is the top of the line bivvy that they make. If you’re looking to put together a nice bug out bag or even for your vehicle kits, be sure you include a good personal shelter option such as this one.

Let me clarify one other point: the popular mylar emergency blankets are HORRIBLE! Do NOT rely on them for your personal safety whatsoever. At best they are able to block the wind but will retain no body heat. And, I’m sure this isn’t foremost on your mind, they are noisy as anything. Even if you’re dog-tired you may find that they are impossible to sleep with, especially light sleepers like me. Bivvy sacs are far quieter.

Bivvy sacs are worth the money. While they’re not rated for extremely cold weather they are usable down to 50 degrees and will keep the elements out, including rain. It’s lightweight, durable, and packs down well. Watch the review to learn more.

Also, if you’re packing for your children as well, ensure you buy one bivvy for each person. I know it can get costly to do so but if you ever really need to rely on them, they may be worth every penny.

4 comments to Review of AMK SOL Escape Bivvy

  • Jennifer

    Can’t afford it all. Feel like the song in Camelot – What do the simple folk do? Hearts in the right place, but pocketbook isn’t. I’m buing for 10 people.

    • I understand your frustration! Insteand of always focusing on monetary preps, consider less constly options such as reading preparedness books from the local library or downloading PDF files from the Net. You’ll find plenty of info here as well as other sites. Perhaps the most important “action” you can take is to practice what you learn. Just keep at it!

  • rgr

    Unless you live in an area that has temps. below 32 on a regular basic, I would use a combination of a military issue poncho and poncho liner. Its cheap and light weight. Both items can be used separately or together, the poncho for shelter, wet weather protection and when combined with the poncho liner extreme warmth. Both can be bought from Internet retailers or from military surplus stores. I carried this combo as an Army Ranger for over 20 years and spent many a warm/dry night with them.

    • That is a good idea. I think the idea of a bivvy is really to add yet an extra layer of protection (or backup) from the elements, not your primary means as with the poncho and liner.