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Review of Coleman PerfectFlow 1 Burner Stove

During our last camping trip, I had the opportunity to use my new Coleman PerfectFlow Single Burner Stove for the first time. It is designed to sit atop a one pound propane tank and includes a base into which the propane tank sits to better stabilize the assembly. With some ingenuity, it could be fashioned to utilize a 20 pound tank, but I would imagine the manufacturer does not recommend it (I don’t know for sure).

Upon initially removing the stove from the box, I was impressed. The unit seemed to be very well put together and durable. With only one moving part (the regulator knob) I figured it would be difficult to break; and, since the stove is made of stainless steel, it is probably very durable. Anyway, the stove was heavier than I expected, but since it is for our “car camping” trips that wasn’t a concern. Because of size and weight concerns I would not recommend this stove for bug out bags.

After quickly connecting the stove to propane tank I was ready to go, so I opened up the beans I would be heating and got to work lighting the stove. It lit easily and roared to life with gusto. The first thing I noticed was that the burner adjustment was basically either low or high with little adjustment in-between even though the regulator knob travels quite a distance between the off/low and high settings. Although this was a bit annoying, I was able to adjust the stove well-enough that it wasn’t a problem. Having said that, I would have preferred more control of the flame.

The other major concern I had was that it seemed a pot could very easily slide right off the top of the stove despite the fact that the stove included “teeth”, I assume to help stabilize an assortment of pot sizes. I would have much preferred the “teeth” to be stair-stepped so that the stove better supports pots to keep them from sliding off, while still accommodating a variety of pot sizes. Anyway, the pot never did slide off and seemed to be relatively stable when filled with food.

Although I can’t speak for cook times, the manufacturer states it can run for over two hours on high and up to nine hours on low. Other reviews state the cook time may be a bit less. Regardless, that can turn out to be quite a bit of cook time if utilized properly. Additionally, The burner is wide enough to support even larger pots well, but probably not a stock pot unless you watch it carefully and ensure the base is sturdy.

There isn’t much else to say about it. The unit seems durable and, despite a few annoyances, functions well. For the price this Coleman PerfectFlow Single Burner Stove should serve you well for camping trips and for emergency situations. Just be sure to stock enough propane and you’ll be set.

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