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Review of Contact! A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival

I had the opportunity to review a new book, Contact! A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival by Max Velocity over the course of the past week. According to the book, the author spent time in both British and American armed forces, was part of a special forces unit, deployed several times to Afghanistan, and even served as a security contractor in Iraq. What I like most about him is that he “…is a family man with a strong interest in prepping…. [and the] book springs from the author’s ruminations on the need to keep his own family safe and survive any coming apocalyptic event.” In other words, he brings special skills to the table and relates them to the exact situation we may all be facing in the near future.

Before I get into the review, I should point out that I have no military or law enforcement experience whatsoever. In fact, tactical defense is a subject that I am sorely lacking, so I was looking forward to reading the book.

The book is divided into fourteen chapters, covering everything from deciding whether to stay or go (bug in vs. bug out), training considerations, how to deal with casualties, tactics for vehicular and on-foot maneuvers, defensive setups, patrolling, and much more. To be honest, I really need to read it again to grasp everything better.

In general, the first third of the book spends a lot of time posing various questions and considerations to you, the reader, regarding your security during a collapse environment as well as other considerations such as how to make decisions as a military strategist might. I found myself wanting to skip ahead on occasion to get to the “heart of the book” on tactics but, fortunately, I choose to stop myself and read what the author had to say. I’m glad I did as I realize I have many holes in my security decision-making process in general.

The remainder of the book is all about tactics and considerations for dealing with hostile conflict, which is what I was expecting from a book with a title like this. I must say that I was not disappointed! I thoroughly enjoyed the various discussion topics and read with enthusiasm as if I were learning something for the very first time… because I was. :) I should mention that the only thing I felt was lacking were more diagrams depicting what the author was trying to get across; you know the old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Without trying to give away the book (not that I could with so much information) I really felt like I was getting a crash-course, if you will, in thinking and acting like a small group tactical team might. Although it’s not likely that any civilian post-collapse small group team could ever truly duplicate what a well-trained special forces team could do, I do feel like this is the closet someone like me will get to duplicating it.

As I mentioned at the start, I have no military training at all, so I cannot speak to whether the tactics are sound. That said, I would assume that with his extensive knowledge and experience via plenty of real-world experience in Iraq and Afghanistan, I would be foolhardy to ignore his words. In fact, just reading this book alone has caused me to seriously reconsider my lack of preparations with regards to post-collapse defense. Really.

For non-military personnel like me, this book WILL be an eye-opener for sure. Not only did I learn a ton from the book but I truly liked the fact that he always seemed to keep in mind that people reading this book will likely have a family to protect (with kids) because that’s where I’m coming from. I would strongly encourage you to purchase this book if you’re in a similar situation to me. If you prefer, you can get the Kindle version here.

6 comments to Review of Contact! A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival

  • I’m reading this book right now. So far I like it and I’m also itching to get into the “bones” of the book. I think this book may be a first of it’s kind in that it’s trying to teach this subject specifically to a civilian audiance.

  • T.R.

    …..and get the pirate .pdf here : oops cant do that ;)

  • Charles,,,,

    It sounds like a fantastic book, can you get someone to read and then do a book report? I love to read and recently read a book by JW Rawles, wow, what a story, so I bought his latest The Founders and man it wasn’t anything but 90% of what he wrote in the first book with 10% added excerts of the old material, wasted money I don’t have to waste, not to dis the man, I have alot of respect for what he had written, but this book must have been a publishers push to print another book because it is not worth a dime, even a pure silver one….

  • Ed

    I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this book. Like you, I don’t have any military experience either so this is a huge hole in my preps as well. Thank you.