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Review of Deep Web Secrecy and Security eBook

I was requested to review this new eBook, Deep Web Secrecy and Security (the press release follows this post). As I was intrigued with the title and certainly felt that I need to do more to better secure myself online, I accepted.

To start, I should point out that I really did learn quite a number of things and actually implemented several of the suggestions offered. However, some of the advice took me further down the deep web than I really wanted to go just yet. For example, while I downloaded the TOR browser as suggested I’m currently choosing not to use it because it severely limits my browsing experience.

In addition, while I believe that most of the information contained within may be found elsewhere on the internet–if you’re willing to take the time to find such resources–the ready list of references this eBook provides makes the task of finding the resources you need a ton easier. Moreover, the author’s comments on many topics were interesting and informative and, in fact, taught me plenty I didn’t know. In addition, he did point out several tools and tricks that I had never heard of before.

You should also be aware that some of this book is geared toward very specific uses such as for blogging anonymously or for whistle-blowers. While this information may not be relevant to you directly, there are some resources from these sections that may still prove useful to your everyday online activities if you’re extra paranoid. All-in-all I felt like I was getting a crash course in how to be as stealthy as possible online because I was about to do something illegal.

Anyway, the book also discusses how to secure your computer in general as well as some steps to secure your smartphone and more. As the book progresses we go further down the rabbit hole, if you will, and learn more ways to be as anonymous as possible, from steganography (hiding data within files) to online communication protocols, modifying photo EFIX files (to hide sensitive data) and more. I should also point out that most of the suggested program and services he recommends are free but a few do cost money.

There are really two questions to ask: (1) does this eBook help a typical user to better secure themselves online and (2) does this eBook help you get as anonymous as you want to be? I would say that the answer to both questions is yes. If you’re an old-hat at keeping yourself safe online then you’re not going to find much new with respect to being a typical internet patron. If, however, you want to go deeper and “get off the radar” so-to-speak then that’s where this eBook excels.

Total pages: 37. Actual content (excluding table of contents, disclaimers, etc): 30 pages.

Cost for the eBook [PDF File] is $9.99 and can be downloaded from DeepWebGuides.com.

Press Release

Deep Web Secrecy and Security – Everything to stay one step ahead of the Bad Guys
Conrad Jaeger
Deep Web Guides

You probably wouldn’t submit to having your home searched without a court order so why allow the authorities to read your emails and monitor everything you do on-line?

If you are buying survival supplies on the Internet and looking up firearms then you are almost certainly on a watch list. These days everybody is a suspect and all our on-line activities are being logged somewhere.

Reports that the FBI has been gathering the IP addresses from visitors to the SurvivalBlog website by slipping cookies into their computers should alarm us all.

And if things are bad now, just wait until the Utah Data Center comes on-stream in 2013 when absolutely everything you say or do on the Internet will be logged and analyzed and used to profile you the way they do in the movie Minority Report.

From totalitarian regimes to outwardly democratic governments, there is a growing demand for access to people’s personal data. They want to read your emails and they want to know who your friends are.

Personal information is a commodity today. It’s bought and sold and analyzed, and then it’s used to profile you for advertisers, campaign organizers, governments and criminals, stalkers and trolls. But none of this need happen.

Curiously, one might wonder why governments and the like are going to all the trouble of tracking us and storing our data, especially when they are ostensibly trying to catch pedophiles and terrorists.

As it happens, the really bad guys are not using the Surface Web to communicate. They are already very Deep and well ahead of the game. A cynic might wonder if there were ulterior motives in wanting to keep such tight tabs on us all.

But you don’t have to be up to no good to want to keep your on-line activities to yourself. Why can’t ordinary people be anonymous, too?

‘Deep Web Secrecy and Security’ uses the secrets of the Deep Web to protect you and your family, your private and business interests, your views and your freedoms.

“The Internet was never conceived to be the preserve of commercial interests. It should not be a hunting ground for law enforcement. The time has come to take back control,” says the book’s author Conrad Jaeger.

This Inter-active e-book with direct links to Surface and Deep Web will show you in simple terms how to:

  • Travel the Deep Web
  • Protect Yourself On-line
  • Set up Secure Communications
  • Avoid Unwanted Attention
  • Blog and Post Anonymously
  • Access Banned Websites
  • Erase & Protect your Activities
  • Upload and Download Secretly
  • Hide and Encrypt Anything

Use the secrets of the Deep Web to help protect you and your family, your private and business interests, your views and your freedoms.

‘Deep Web Secrecy and Security’ by Conrad Jaeger is published by www.deepwebguides.com and is available as an inter-active e-book on Amazon.com price $10.37, and at Smashwords, Diesel, and Barnes & Noble.

For further details contact Helen@deepwebguides.com


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