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Review of Gerber Gator Fixed Point Knife

I’ll cut to the chase, the Gerber Gator Fixed Blade Knife is a favorite knife of mine. You see, one of the biggest problems with knives that get used a lot is that they become increasingly uncomfortable to hold and use. Many knives are designed for looks and are not designed with heavy use in mind. Take my pocket knife for instance; its a CRKT folder that I’ve had for years and absolutely love. It cuts great and is very sturdy. The only problem is that it wears on my hand when I use it a lot.

The Gerber Gator solves this problem easily with a comfortable, rounded rubber-grip handle. I can use the knife for hours and not even know it. Sure, there are other round handle knives out there…perhaps some even better, but, for the price ($40 and under) it’s hard to find a knife that feels this good, is lightweight (about 6.6 ounces), keeps sharp, and is made in the USA. What’s even better is that the blade is 4″ long, just long enough to be useful yet short enough to be legal in most states (by the way check your local laws before purchasing).

This knife is full-tang (you want that), not serrated (you probably don’t want a serrated knife although preferences vary), and not a specialty knife (such as a gut knife or double-edged). In short, it’s a simple knife you can rely on. I highly recommend this knife for hiking as well as emergency preparedness.

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