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Review of Gerber Sportsman Saw

The Gerber Sportsman’s Wood Saw is a very good choice as a viable survival saw for your bug out bags, vehicle bags, or even as a home disaster kit saw. I keep one and recommend you do as well. Here’s why…


Length with blade retracted – 7 3/4 inches
Length with blade extended – 14 inches
Blade length – approx. 6.5 inches
Weight – 3.4 ounces

Comparison to Pocket Chainsaw

The Gerber Sportsman Saw is a bit lighter than the Pocket Chainsaw (read my review of the Pocket Chainsaw here) but takes up significantly more space. I would say the Sportsman Saw is probably a bit easier to use for most individuals since the sawing action is more natural with the Sportsman Saw than it is with the Pocket Chainsaw. I would also say that the Sportsman Saw is easier to use when cutting branches down to a smaller size for fires. On the other hand, I would say the Pocket Chainsaw is a bit faster and less taxing to use when cutting down a large number of branches for shelther, although, I haven’t tested this theory.


The Gerber Sportsman’s Wood Saw is a viable alternative as a survival saw for any bug out bag or vehicle kit. The more natural sawing action from the Sportsman Saw is a plus. Additionally, the teeth are razor sharp and very aggressive. The only concern I would have is how sturdy the blade is with repeated use in that I wonder whether the saw blade is more likely to break under stress than the Pocket Chainsaw would be. I don’t know the answer. Overall, the Gerber Sportsman Saw does seem fairly well put together and made of durable material.

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