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Review of Grundig M300 Shortwave Radio

The Grundig M300 World Radio is a handy addition to your emergency disaster kit and especially your bug out bag. At less than $40 and about 6.5 ounces in weight it is a nice handheld emergency radio. I use it regularly while hiking and camping because it is compact and lightweight.

As expected, this unit receives the typical FM/AM bands as well as the full spectrum of shortwave bands. I think I’ve changed the batteries once after about two years of occasional use. I would appreciate a back-lit display and maybe a louder volume, but, I otherwise find the Grundig M300 to be a rugged, handy, compact radio.

If you’re looking for an emergency radio for home use then I would lean more toward something larger, in the hand-crank variety, such as the Etón American Red Cross Emergency Radio (which I happen to own as well) that provides more powering options than just running on batteries.

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