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Review of Midland WR100 NOAA Weather Radio

An NOAA weather radio is a MUST-have device for anybody who expects to call themselves prepared. In the event of a potential disaster, a weather radio will give you and your family the best chance to be ready for the worst. The Midland WR100 Weather Radio will do this job nicely.


Although you can certainly spend more money on a weather radio, at a cost of around $30, this radio is certainly affordable for all but the most frugal of buyers.

Specifications and Features

  • This Midland wr100 weather radio has a relatively large digital display and will show you what the warning is about (i.e., “TORNADO”). It includes a backlite, which is nice when it’s pitch black and you’re half asleep. It has an adjustable volume control and can be fairly loud when the warning alarm sounds, also useful for people who are hard of hearing or heavy sleepers.
  • It can receive up to seven NOAA weather radio channels to keep up to date for local warnings such as for tornadoes, floods, severe thunderstorms, hurricanes, and even other emergencies such as chemical spills, etc. I even had an Amber alert go off the other day. The Midland radio will automatically “come alive” and alert you to any watches or warnings broadcast by the National Weather Service that are issued for your area.
  • You can also quickly glance at the display and tell if there is an advisory, watch, or warning being issued based simply on the color of the LED indicator.
  • It has a one-button-press ability to instantly listen to the local weather service (which is usually very boring by the way); the same button allows you to snooze (aka silence the radio) in the event you want to sleep through whatever disaster is heading your way.
  • You can also perform a variety of other tasks such as set the time, date, volume levels, alarm clock, and so on (read the manual for details).
  • This weather radio uses 3 AAA batteries for backup power and shows battery life on the display (you wouldn’t want these to be bad when the power goes out!).

My Experience

Since I live in the Midwest, being forewarned about tornadoes is a huge concern. I’ll tell you that I have been abruptly awakened a few times with tornado warnings, and have been thankful for it.

Unfortunately, the radio also has a tendency to alert me to such things are severe thunderstorm and flood warnings. There have been several times when I have been startled from sleep to hear of flood warnings and have not been happy about that. Granted, the radio is just doing what it’s supposed to do but it would have been nice if I could program what alerts I received.


Desipte a minor annoyance–the inability to select specific warnings you want (i.e., tornado warnings and not flood warnings)–for the price and features I would certainly recommend this radio. Feel free to read the owner’s manual if you like.

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