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Review of Photon II LED Keychain Micro Light (precursor to Photon Freedom)

The LRI Photon II LED Keychain Micro-Light (precursor to the newest LRI Photon Freedom LED Keychain Micro-Light) is a very handy keychain light that I came across a year or two ago and have simply come to love.  The photon II micro light is very small, virtually weightless, and quiet bright for the size. You will easily find a reason to purchase several of them. If so, buy them in bulk to save on costs.


The keychain light case is a very hard plastic and they say the LED bulb is virtually unbreakable. I got curious one day and decided that since my kids can break nearly anything with record speed, I thought I would let them have one of these micro lights for a while to see if the “unbreakable” claim was true.

While the light never was broken, I forgot that my kids are also equally adept at losing stuff, so, it took a while for me to find it again. Anyway, amazingly the light was still working when I reclaimed it and since the light looked no worse for wear, it certainly passed the durability test in my book.


Due to the small size of this keychain light, you’re never going to light up a room with it, but, as an emergency micro light this photon II micro light is remarkably bright. You would be able to perform small tasks well such as reading a map, digging through your backpack, or simply finding your way around a small area. Additionally, this keychain light features an LED bulb, so, it is remarkably efficient.

Ease of Use

It doesn’t get much simpler than push button on/off. There is also a locking “on” feature which comes in handy at times.

Battery Life

Thus far I have not yet had a battery go out on me. I’ve read somewhere that the battery should last 12 hours. For such a small emergency keychain light, this is more than I would have expected. Apparently you can replace the lithium battery, although, I have not tried that yet.

Other Considerations

When I purchased the light I believe it only came in a “white” beam color but is now available in several colors if you prefer. There also seem to be a variety of alternative micro keychain lights, so, choose carefully. I recommend this micro light and trust that it will work when I need it.

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