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Review of Sold Out After Crisis Course

I recently had an opportunity to review another preparedness course, Sold Out After Crisis, that intrigued me. After all, who doesn’t want to know what may not be available after a crisis? I certainly did. This course comes on a CD-ROM (only playable on a computer) and includes the following as PDF files:

  • 37 Food Items Sold Out After Crisis
  • Water Purification and Storage “Survival Report”
  • Food Storage Guide – Survival Stockpiling
  • Off-Grid Survival DIY Backup Power
  • Survival Gardening

A link to a Platinum Upgrade is also provided if you choose not to upgrade when purchasing. The upgrade includes many additional resources–too numerous to list here–some of which weren’t really preparedness-related in my opinion (such as Fixing Your Credit). Having said that, there are other resources that may certainly be preparedness-related (such as Home Security and others) but I can’t vouch for it as I do not have the upgraded package.

…back to the main course…

The first part, 37 Food Items Sold Out After Crisis, is the heart of what I wanted to read. It discusses the 37 food items you expect, perishables, cooking, stockpiling, and more. While the content provided is useful for beginners, I didn’t find anything earth-shattering that would take my prepping to the next level. That said, the book does delve into non-food-related topics and some other info regarding food. Overall, it should be considered a primer as to what you can do to better prepare yourself with regards to food preps. In my opinion, you could likely get similar information on what foods to stock from my free Walmart and Sam’s Club eBooks, if you prefer.

The second part, Water Purification and Storage, is a fairly short one. It discusses what you would expect in this topic, namely water collection, water treatment, and water storage. To be honest, there isn’t anything in this report that cannot be found elsewhere easily online.

The third part, Food Storage Guide, is also relatively short. Regardless, it covers the basics of food storage considerations, including food storage options (e.g., freeze dried, dehydrated, etc), optimum storage requirements (light, heat, etc), container options, and so on. Again, this information can be readily found online.

The fourth part, Off-Grid Survival DIY Backup Power, is a different story than the previous topics. I can say that I actually thoroughly enjoyed this part as it covers the basics of backup power in one file, and includes a complete solar power and wind power instructions as separate files. This course took me step-by-step (with pictures too) and showed me how to piece together my own solar panel, provided an estimated cost list, and offered where to purchase supplies. It also covers wind power in a similar fashion. This information alone may be worth the price of the course if you’re completely new to off-grid power.

The fifth part, Survival Gardening, is another multi-part course. The first part talks about some of the basics of gardening, aquaponics, and more; I would say that much of this could easily be found elsewhere online. The second part of this course is on Home Vegetable Gardening and is rather lengthy (over 140 pages). To be honest, I didn’t bother to read much of this report as it is basically a book about gardening. As I already have a few books covering this topic I felt like I didn’t need another lesson, but perhaps you would find it useful.

I would say that this course is similar to the Survive in Place course that I reviewed a while back; however, I happened to like that course a bit better for the simple reason that I enjoyed the podcast format more than reading.

Overall, I can say that I might have gained a few additional tidbits of knowledge from this course, with the major positive exception being the Off-Grid Survival DIY Backup Power that I particularly enjoyed. To be fair, I’ve been at this lifestyle for quite a while now and I spend a lot of time looking for this type of information, so, I have an edge on most people. Therefore, if you’re new to prepping then perhaps the Sold Out After Crisis course is a useful start for you. The good news is that he offers an introductory price, so it’s hard to go wrong with at least trying it.

4 comments to Review of Sold Out After Crisis Course

  • Irish-7

    You hit the nail on the head! It only takes a few seconds to digest a brief message. They lost out on a considerable sale, had this fool read my request and explain how I could buy their printed versions. Besides that, I had looked at other titles that Campbell was selling (Social Chaos?). I refused to purchase anything else from this organization out of anger for the way I was treated. I feel compelled to state that I really enjoy this site! The articles are very informative and the Daily YouTube can be played while I am doing stuff around the house. Many Thanks!

  • Irish-7

    I purchased Sold Out After Crisis and several other Damian Campbell books. Although I obtained some good information out of these 4 publications, I don’t believe that they fulfilled the hype or gave solutions to the potential dangers as portrayed in the advertisements. For reasons unknown, the 37 Items changed shortly after I bought the presentation. Campbell did send the new list for free, along with some other stuff. But, it just made me wonder how these important food items changed in priority. I sent an e-mail to one of his addresses, asking if printed versions were available for these manuals (besides Sold Out After Crisis, I also ordered The 2012 Survival Guide, Survive Anything and Survive Water Crisis. The moron on the other end of the e-mail did not read my message in its entirety and tried to sell me Survive Water Crisis again. I repeated my request for printed versions, again stating that I already bought that book. This idiot again tried to sell me the Survive Water Crisis. After this occurred 3 times, I wrote back asking to be removed from their mailing list. Disappointing, especially considering that I edited the Survive 2012 manual for free and sent Campbell the page and grammar/spelling errors littered through the book. I thought I was helping a fellow conservative avoid looking like a third grader. But, that is exactly how I was treated when I asked to buy the printed versions 4 times. I was posting periodically on his Patriot site, but now he added steps (password) to access it, so I no longer bother.

    • I understand your frustrations with poor customer service… it seems to be rampant these days. If only people would bother to actually READ their emails! Go figure.