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Review of Sons of Liberty Academy

This week I’m going to talk about something that you cannot actually purchase, but I felt it was so eye-opening and perception-altering that it deserved not only a mention but a real review. What am I talking about? Well, for the past month or two I’ve been listening with perked interest to the Sons of Liberty Academy. It is a 40+ hour video course (yes, I said 40) designed by Chris Duane who also runs dont-tread-on.me (and probably a few other things).

When I started listening I didn’t realize how long the course was; I figured a few to several hours at most… not even close! In the beginning I listened with zeal and focus. However, as the course continued, I found I couldn’t sit and listen to an entire module at a time (some were just way too long) and my attention began to wander to other computer uses. That said, I stuck it out over the course of about two months and I’m generally glad I did.

What’s the course about?

It’s simply about, in Chris’ viewpoint, how our modern society truly works and how it came to be that way. It’s about how the rich and powerful (no, not Congress or even big business) really run our lives–think The Matrix. According to the Sons of Liberty About page:

The original Sons of Liberty were men who mounted an intellectual assault on the empire that the sun never set on. Their pamphlets attacked the status quo and aroused their fellow Americans to throw off the shackles of an oppressive and tyrannical government.

The Sons of Liberty Academy is dedicated to building the educational foundation to make effective political change in the world.

We Are Libertarians…
We Are Constitutionalists…
We Are Non Interventionists…
We Are Free Market Capitalists…
We Are 2nd Amendments Activists…
We Are Non Violent, Non Compliant…
We Are Concerned Americans…
We Are Wide Awake…

So, yes, apparently it’s about political change. To be honest, I didn’t see it that way as I listened to the modules and that’s not my interest in sharing here. Rather, I think it critical for us–as individuals, families, members of a society–to awake to the world around us and see it as it truly is. Only then can we make intelligent, informed decisions about how to conduct ourselves and our lives. If we continue to live in a reality akin to The Matrix movie, if you will, we’ll never be able to get back to the roots that our founding fathers began.

That’s enough idealism for today. As for the course, I can say that I learned more than I thought I would for sure and, in fact, should probably listen to the modules again but I can’t spare that kind of time. :) I can also say that I don’t necessarily agree with everything he states even now, though, most of it made sense the more he explained it.

There are 10 total modules:

  1. When You Are Aware
  2. We Are Controlled
  3. Who Controls Us?
  4. Psychological Control
  5. Financial Control
  6. Ancient Control
  7. Modern Control
  8. Where Are We?
  9. Where Are We Going?
  10. You Can Prepare

And, yes, the longer you listen the more there is! I should also note that Chris is beginning to put portions of these modules on YouTube; just look for the correct playlists on the referenced page. Regardless, you can still join the Sons of Liberty Academy Member’s Area for free and listen to the modules without spending a dime just click on the link at the beginning or the image below. You can choose to donate or not at all. Originally, I had no itention of making a donation but I changed my mind near the end. Remember, this is a huge investment of time and isn’t for everyone but sometimes good things come to those who are patient. :)

Watch these two videos about his “awakening” to decide if it’s something you’re interested in…

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  • GoneWithTheWind

    I large diverse list of beliefs and ideas some of which are truely tin-foil-hat. It is difficult to believe in or get behind someone who says some of these more bizarre comments. Because he says some things I agree with and that seem obvious does not mean I am ready to partner with him since he is on the loony fringe on other things.