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Review of Survive in Place 12 Week Course

Several weeks ago I was surfing the depths of the Internet (that’s Clickbank if you didn’t know) because, to be honest, I was looking for something interesting and useful to offer you, the reader. Now, I must admit that in the past I’ve avoided both buying anything from Clickbank as well as from offering such products here because I’ve always equated anything I’ve found on Clickbank with used car dealers (but that’s been MANY years ago). Ok, maybe they’re not that bad and, in fact, I’ve changed my opinion about Clickbank products as a result of this experience. (And, I should point out that I enjoyed the course enough to signup for the affiliate program.)

Long story short, I happened upon David Morris’ website where he immediately starting talking to me, yes, talking to me! And for some reason I stayed to listen… for quite a while at that. I was impressed with what he had to say. I liked his calm demeanor. And I wanted to know his thoughts on surviving in place. As such, instead of finding something to offer you, I bought it myself! :) Here’s why…

I immediately got started, both with enthusiasm and skepticism as well. If I remember right, he also tried to up-sell me on something that I ignored so just be aware of that if you buy (maybe it’s something useful but I can’t say from experience). After logging in, I found that I wasn’t able to access the entire 12 week course properly so I emailed customer support and they got it squared away quickly.

Now I was ready to get going. He offers his course in one week installments over the course of 12 total weeks. The bulk of the course are PDF files to read or you can alternatively choose to listen to him via MP3 audio files (several hours total). I choose to listen in part because I liked listening to him and so that I could multi-task. I did find that he occasionally deviated from the PDF files but not so much so that you couldn’t learn what you needed to from either source. He also sends out weekly emails reminders as well. So, you could choose to do the course as he outlines or over a few days of serious effort.

All-in-all, he covers what’s expected. He talks about:

  • why it might not be a great idea to try and leave the city
  • communications
  • assessing your risk
  • 72 hour kits
  • flu pandemics
  • chemical and biological attacks
  • building a team
  • hardening your house
  • food storage
  • lessons learned from Katrina
  • psychology for survival
  • urban movement
  • and other topics

Although I’ve heard a lot of what he had to say from elsewhere, I did actually learn several things that I felt were useful and that I actually implemented for myself and my family.

Besides the main course you also get an ebook on regaining your privacy online, which was somewhat useful but not nearly as involved or detailed as the Deep Web guide I reviewed a while back. More importantly, you get access to a resources page that usually include pertinent links from each of the lessons, some of which were useful others not so much. Last, there’s a members forum too but that doesn’t seem very busy so I didn’t bother getting involved. There are some other small benefits such as files to work through and what not, but all of this was secondary to the real purpose of my purchase: to learn about surviving in place!

The ultimate question, therefore, was whether or not the money I spent was worthwhile or not? I have two answers…

Answer #1: Considering what I know now, have experienced, as well as all of my research online for this website alone, I would say it’s probably not worth the money with one huge caveat, and that is if you have either been living the prepared lifestyle for many years now or are truly willing to spend the many hundreds of hours of time researching as I do. Granted, this site offers probably most everything you need know (with a grin on my face) but there’s a lot to cover, found in many spots, with hundreds or thousands of pertinent links to many outside references. I understand that’s not to everyone’s liking.

Answer #2: On the other hand, if you’re relatively new to emergency preparedness (and the surviving in place concept in general) and/or you don’t really want to spend hundreds or thousands of hours trying to find what to do, then this course may be a very good fit for you. It can all be boiled down to several hours of learning, some actions to take, and, certainly, recommendations for equipment and supplies to purchase.

I should also reiterate that I did learn quite a few interesting tidbits, if you will, from Mr. Morris. I didn’t necessarily agree with everything he had to say and sometimes I wished he would elaborate more, but it was more than useful enough to keep me listening and learning and I’m glad I did.

At least check it out and listen to what he has to say.

3 comments to Review of Survive in Place 12 Week Course

  • Mary

    Even though I’m learning a lot here this course may be useful for me too. I do like directed learning.

  • .scooter

    I like you discovered this site, about 3 years ago. I was still working in law enforcement, but my assignment was in the aviation division, so I did have some down time to both read and again listen to his presentation(s). I must agree that there were some areas that his info was
    “something I already knew”, but the reinforcement was much appreciated. At least I knew that it wasn’t just my idea or an assumption that he reinforced.

    I guess the bottom line is this; “Would I spend the money to do it again?”
    Yes, I probably would. Do I recommend it to a “seasoned” prepper?…Probably not. Not that it isnt a beneficial program, but to invest their $$ into another area of the “survival” media. BUT, for the
    individual who is starting or who likes the ability to solidify their own preparedness, GO for it!

    If you do decide to take the course, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. The best part is making the “binder” of information and having the audio to review in the future.

    Be Safe all..