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Review of The Handbook of Knots (Expanded Edition)

Since I owe a review from last week, I thought I would do a brief review of a Survival Book I Recommend, specifically, The Handbook of Knots: Expanded Edition because I found myself referencing it again the other day. Now, I’m not a Boy Scout, nor do I find the need to tie knots every other day. I do, however, find the occasional need to tie a specific knot for a variety of reasons, but not nearly often enough to remember them!

That’s why I chose to keep The Handbook of Knots as a ready reference. While there are online sources that I’ve found interesting (such as Animated Knots), I would still suggest you include an actual book for the simple facts that (1) it’s faster to reference a book than an online source and (2) a book is much easier to transport to where you need it… like outside where my rope project is at.

While there are many dozens of knots illustrated, to be honest, I really only reference several knots at most–perhaps one day I’ll choose to remember them. Anyway, the book is very easily referenced since it is logically categorized into types of knots (e.g., stopper knots, bends, hitches, loops, etc). Each category then illustrates several (to a dozen or more) of the most popular and useful knots for that purpose.

Each knot is described on one to two pages with easy-to-understand directions, pictures, and pertinent notations. This is by far the most important aspect of the book. In addition, the author usually provides specific examples of where a knot can be used as well as any warnings you should be aware of before using it. In essence, The Handbook of Knots is easy to reference, understandable, and just what I need when I need it.

Although I’ve never purchased any other knot book for comparison, I did choose to purchase this one because of the Amazon ratings and reviews it had when I bought it years ago. Add this review to the list too. And, if you don’t have a knot reference, spend a few bucks and add this one to your library.

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