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Review of The Personal Security Handbook

Recently, I stumbled upon this book while looking for something else at the local library. Since the title caught my eye I figured I would pick it up. This book covers a wide range of topics, from your personal security at home and while travelling, to protecting your identity, online threats, and much more.

The book starts off with discussing the psychology of security and listing what you’re most likely to “succumb to” and tries to explain why you’re probably safer than your fears may lead you to believe. I thought this was an interesting way to start off a book on how to protect yourself. Anyway, the statistics this book continually includes were interesting to read and ponder.

The book goes on to discuss your personal security and home/auto security in some depth, including a variety of tips and checklists that are mostly common sense but still good to hear. Some discussion is given to your children’s safety, their tendencies and vulnerabilities, kidnapping concerns, and more.

Although a bit outdated, the book also covers online security and identity theft issues. Again, there are quite a few good, common sense thoughts that I found throughout the discussion.

Another area this book covers is that of preparing for disasters, which is not normal for most security handbooks, in my opinion. They even choose to include a checklist of items to include in an emergency kit, however, you can find a much better disaster supplies checklist here. The next chapter then discusses specific natural disasters (e.g., earthquakes, tornadoes, etc), which is nice to see, but you’ll find much more info here.

Other topics are covered, including: travelling safely, terrorism, and even your health (which I thought was an odd inclusion for a personal security handbook). To be honest, I mostly skimmed these chapters as I was feeling done with the book by then.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a nice primer or refresher then The Personal Security Handbook would be a descent choice. But if you’re looking for more/updated techniques and ideas then this is not the book for you.

FYI: You might be interested in my own eBook on security and defense as well as these Family Emergency Preparedness Tools… both of which are free to subscribers.

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