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Review of Victorio Food Strainer and Sauce Maker

I had the opportunity to use this Victoria Food Strainer and Sauce Maker over the weekend while helping my in-laws can a seasoned tomato sauce in their All American Pressure Canner.

FYI, this pressure canner is an awesome product and must-have for serious canning needs of vegetables and meats.

Anyway, I’ve never used this Victoria strainer before and, although I don’t do much canning at all–I’m more of a dehydrator kind of guy–I’m certainly glad we used a strainer. I wouldn’t have wanted to juice dozens of pounds of tomatoes by hand!

The short review is that I expect this strainer to last for years and would recommend the optional accessory pack below if you anticipate juicing many different foods, such as berries or even to make salsa.


Assembly wasn’t too complicated as I choose to follow the instructions. ;) There are only a few parts and it’s fairly obvious where they go. You do need to lubricate an o-ring with vegetable oil but other than that it requires no maintenance. Disassembly is straightforward. The only caution is that there are some small parts that can be easily lost if you’re not paying attention.

Parts Quality

Parts quality is relatively good as well. The main part of the strainer is made of stainless steel as well as the mesh screen and handle. The hopper and juice diverter are made of seemingly very durable plastic. The only parts that do not seem very durable are the the plastic pusher and the clear extension (the part that allows the pulp to be discarded). In particular, there are three clips on the extension that I would imagine will break off eventually. All-in-all I would say the until in general will stand up to some abuse.

Ease of Use

The strainer actually worked fairly well. About half way thorough the tomato juicing I did need to disassemble the strainer in order to clean it because the mesh screen got too clogged up to allow juice to flow through. The only significant annoyance I found was that tomato juice seemed to drip down the strainer body if I didn’t have a bowl almost completely butted up to the unit. Overall I made a huge mess but the strainer did what I expected.

Everything Else

You might also be interested in an optional Victorio 4-piece Accessory Kit (pictured right). This accessory kit is designed for work with smaller berry seeds, larger pumpkin-sized seeds, and even a salsa screen. It includes a grape spiral as well. Although I haven’t tried it, the unit apparently has the capability to attach an optional drive motor to it, but I couldn’t find it for sale and don’t know the cost.

At under $50 from Amazon, this Victoria Food Strainer and Sauce Maker made short work of juicing our tomatoes. If you expect that you’ll be juicing tomatoes, grapes, berries, or whatever, a strainer such as this one will shorten your processing time drastically.

1 comment to Review of Victorio Food Strainer and Sauce Maker

  • Smoothe1

    Looks like a nice strainer for SHTF situations, though I’d prefer my electric one till then!