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Sam’s Club is for Groceries too!

Over the past few months we’ve been shopping at Sam’s Club because grocery prices are getting out of hand. The sad fact is that we’ve had a membership for years but rarely used it!

Lately, we’ve been making it a point to do our grocery shopping almost exclusively at Sam’s Club. Not only can we purchase bulk foods and plenty of dry goods to bolster our supplies, they have a descent stock of fresh and frozen foods as well. Of course, there are several items we can’t get there so we do take weekly trips to the grocery store as well.

While warehouse clubs are a great place to bolster your supplies (I recently wrote a brief eBook about it), there’s an even better reason to use warehouse clubs: to save money on groceries! Just how much money you can save is the question.

To get an idea, I decided to look back at past purchases and I found that, on average, we saved somewhere between 15-20% on our weekly grocery bill by using Sam’s Club for groceries; I wasn’t exactly sure how much we saved because I had a few Walmart purchases that were for groceries and other stuff. Considering that the second largest household expense besides a mortgage is groceries. When you calculate a 15-20% savings over the course of a year, that adds up to a lot!

There is a small membership cost associated with warehouse clubs. Fortunately, this cost is easily made up for when using your membership regularly. In fact, I calculated that the money we spend on our yearly membership fee was offset simply by purchasing butter alone at Sam’s Club.

I haven’t even touched on the other supplies you can purchase here. There are plenty of personal hygiene items, over the counter medications, and such that can be purchased in bulk as well. When you include these items then a warehouse membership is a no-brainer.

What if you’re accustomed to buying organic or higher-quality goods? Well, then a warehouse club membership is probably not an option. You will not typically find anything but mass-market supplies here, although, COSTCO does seem to offer more “quality” goods in my opinion. (We really only have a Sam’s Club membership because it is significantly closer to where we live than the nearest COSTCO.)

The point is that if you haven’t bothered using a warehouse club then consider it. You could save yourself plenty of money, take fewer trips to the grocery, and even bolster your bulk supplies too.

2 comments to Sam’s Club is for Groceries too!

  • Joan

    I too shop at Sams ,just for bulk items and you do get some good buys,just remember all your purchases are tracked and in their data base. When we had that peanut butter scare a couple of years back ,I received a letter from Sam’s to check some Peanut Butter crackers I had bought before the recall.