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Sporting Equipment as Makeshift DIY Weapons

While I was watching the movie, Trouble With The Curve the other day, my mind wandered and began to consider what interesting DIY self-defense weapons have been (or could be) created using sporting equipment. After all, some of that stuff is very durable and dangerous enough as-is. Of course, a makeshift weapon is no substitute for proper firepower, I know that. But, if you had to make do, what could be used? I believe one is only limited by their imagination. I will also generally limit this post to sporting equipment even though any number of ideas could be created from household items and other supplies.

Disclaimer: I must point out that any suggestions, comments, links or anything else here is purely for educational purposes only. Attempting any of the following may be illegal and certainly dangerous. In fact, I have no idea whether any of the following will even work. Regardless, use common sense and follow the law!

When I think about the use of sporting equipment as a potential self-defense weapon, a few obvious ones stand out, including a baseball bat and golf clubs. Getting hit with either of these would certainly be a bad day for most people and potentially deadly. Other ready-made blunt force weapons could include a hockey stick, lacrosse stick, cricket bat, and canoe paddle, to name a few. Certainly, anything that’s hard can be used for bludgeoning. In addition, any number of sporting equipment accessories could be used as blunt force objects, including a baseball, weights from a weightlifting bar, bowling ball, cheer-leading baton, golf balls, high jump pole, horseshoes, billiards balls, shot put ball, and whatever else I missed. It goes without saying that many items could be a blunt force weapon.

The idea doesn’t have to be complicated at all. Even a few golf balls stuffed inside a long sock or pair of pantyhose would hurt to get hit with. But that’s not good enough. Not at all.

For example, I could sharpen the end of a hockey stick or lacrosse stick into a point and, thus, fashioning a spear. I could even tie a knife to the end and make a much better defensive spear. I could envision driving nails into a baseball bat or even a hockey stick to make a spiked club or morning star… that would be quite dangerous, for sure. With a little more ingenuity I might be able to fashion a flail. Maybe I could even attach a sharpened bicycle chain to the end of a lacrosse stick… now we’re getting somewhere!

I might be able to create a mace with a pool stick and baseball if I were able to drill out the baseball and attach it. Maybe a better idea would be to use something stronger than a pool stick such as a metal pipe from a Foosball table (with reinforced insides). Perhaps I could get really wild and make a nunchaku in similar fashion to the flail using a braided strand of fishing line and anything sturdy enough to act as the poles such as a portion of a high jump pole. Now that I think about it, I would probably just hurt myself trying to use them anyway. :)

Thinking outside the box a bit more, I could fashion a bolas (or bolo) out of either billiard balls (or maybe a few golf balls or other relatively hard sphere) and any sturdy rope. Granted, a bolas is probably more for hunting but I would imagine it could be used in self defense as well.

What about other potential sporting equipment as weapons? Well, perhaps I could fashion a blow gun from a set of darts and something hollow such as the Foosball table poles mentioned earlier? Ok, probably not. How could I create a sling or, more specifically, a stave sling? It can’t be that hard. After all, I’ve seen a guy turn plastic sacks into a rope, so I figure I could come up with something just as good or better with items else from around the house.

While I’m thinking about it, why can’t I remove the blades from a set of ice skates (for hockey or figure skating) and turn them into a polearm in place of the knife attached to the lacrosse stick mentioned earlier? I’ll bet I could. :)

It doesn’t all have to be only the hurtful kind of weapons. Maybe some form of entanglement weapons would work to slow down the bad guys, fashioned from netting of a volleyball net or badminton net. Maybe I could do something interesting with climbing rope or mountaineering supplies? Though, I would imagine I could find far better uses for such good rope and supplies, the possibility does exist to use them in a self-defense capacity.

I might also be interested in any form of padding, be it football, hockey, or lacrosse pads. Sure, they’re not going to stop a bullet but they’ll go a long way to defend against blows. I can envision sports pads as being the framework for attaching any number of makeshift body armor styles… think steel plates instead of the pads. Helmets (even bicycle helmets) are a good option too; after all, your head is critical to protect from blunt force trauma.

I’m not quite sure what I can do with a skateboard, surfboard, or snowboard, but maybe a paintball gun can be used at minimum as a distraction. Fencing equipment… ? Besides the mask I might be able to sharpen the epee into something that punctures quite well… I can’t say for sure as I’ve never seen one up close.

Anything else I’m missing? I’m pretty sure MacGyver turned a scuba tank into a weapon somehow once upon a time; if he didn’t then he should have. :)

Like I mentioned at the start, attempting any of the aforementioned ideas is probably not the best of ideas and likely illegal. It should go without saying that they’re no substitute for firearms whatsoever. The point was to consider what’s possible given otherwise ordinary items that we might not give a second thought to as being useful beyond their intended purpose.


7 comments to Sporting Equipment as Makeshift DIY Weapons

  • Junipers

    Thank you for writing this article! Learned that there’s a lot of things people may find around the house that could be used as weapons: nail gun, or a walking stick with a spring loaded knife inside the bottom of it. Hair spray with a lighter could do some damage. Ahhh…yes…my imagination is now running rampant…and all because I read your article. One could easily try shopping for items at the Goodwill or a sports thrift store, etc. These days, when you’re on a limited budget, things mentioned in your article are beneficial to everyone. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Just keep in mind that this article was just a thought exercise and shouldn’t be considered a substitute for tried and true defensive measures such as firearms.

  • T.R.

    I was into medieval reenacting and weapons , trained with folks that knew what they were doing when I was younger . All I can say is , if you dont train with it and really understand the principles of the weapon …..each had a reason and use in combat , it was thought out , they didnt just grab whatever and start swinging …….you are going to get hurt or killed by the other person or have the weapon taken away from you , especially those mentioned in the article . They were generally designed for the “expendable” peasant class , therefore they were in all actuality ….not very good weapons and they expected heavy losses and didnt care . Oriental weapons I dont know anything about . My suggestion for this period , buy a short sword and a hand and a half sword , learn two handed fighting and absolutely learn quarterstaff , if you learn quarterstaff and basic sword skills ….you will be able to use what you pick up out in an urban environment with great affect . If you dont , the other guy will probably kick your _ _ _ . Just sayin , this is in your face fighting ….its not easy .

    • T.R.

      I would also like to point out the reality that these weapons take a certain amount of space and a certain amount of room to use …..flails are a very bad idea …..anywhere because of that . Also remember that some of these weapons are meant to be used in battle lines of men , not by your lonesome …. in a house , again , short sword and combat knife in close quarters . The Romans conquered a good part of the world with the short sword . Not tryin to be a jerk by mentioning these things , but dont have any illusions of the brutality of hand to hand weapons and what it takes to use them and walk away . I dont wish that senario on anybody .

      • Very good points to consider. The article was really meant mostly as a fun thought exercise. That said, I can’t imagine I would really want to rely on any of the makeshift weapons mentioned unless I honestly had no other choice.

        • T.R.

          It is fun , I once made a footmans mace with a piece of bannister rail , a cement pumps valve ball and a chunk of pipe welded to it . I just didnt want anybody to consider any home made device as a serious weapon , because they will let you down more often than not . things like that usually come in 3 categories : piercing , slashing , or bludgeoning …..bludgeoning is the least desirable to use .

  • Hammer

    Ha! I was thinking the same thing a while back. Of course, I just finished cleaning my handguns and wondered what I would do if I didn’t have them to rely upon. Not a happy thought but you gave me a few ideas to work with.