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Sun Oven Sunday – Macaroni and Cheese (Mission Accomplished!)

sun oven macaroni and cheese

Last week I tried to make macaroni and cheese, something my boys just love to eat, but I couldn’t get the water to boil after two hours and had to leave. This week I was determined to cook some mac & cheese. So, I did the same thing I did last week, but waited almost three whole hours in the middle of the day for the water to boil. Now, I wouldn’t say it was a vigorous boil but acceptable, so I went for it. I dumped in the macaroni, waited about 15 minutes, tested, and voila… it was done!

IMO, three hours is a bit too long of a wait for water to boil but I would suspect that I didn’t have to wait that long just to cook the macaroni. Maybe I’ll try again but deliberately cook the macaroni well before the water boils. On a happier note, my sun oven finally reached temps above 300 degrees, peaking at 340 degrees. Yeah! Oh, and did I mention that my kids weren’t around so I HAD to eat the mac & cheese myself? It was yummy. ;)

5 comments to Sun Oven Sunday – Macaroni and Cheese (Mission Accomplished!)

  • Lynn

    would it be possible to split the water into two or three shallower containers? to spread the volume of water out so it wouldn’t be such a great depth of water to heat might it boil earlier? (hope i explained that well enough)

    • That would be a very good thought. Only thing is that the sun oven isn’t wide enough to allow for this using the pots that come with it. I could, however, stack two pots in there, which could work out better. I might try that. Thanks.

  • T.R.

    Very cool ! I dont have any experience with solar cookers , solar stills I have done . Interesting about the time table , and even more interesting that you are able to get it to a boil at all . I do have solar stuff , but mostly in the form of rechargers .

  • Jill

    Looks yummy!