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Sun Oven Sunday – Oatmeal Cookies (had a few problems but still yummy)

This week, based on a reader comment, I tried using my Global Sun Oven to bake cookies… oatmeal cookies, in fact. The picture to the left doesn’t do them justice. Yes, they’re mostly square instead of round (because I placed them too close together rather than wasting cookie batter), and during the cooking process they got smashed together because the racks/pans slid forward despite the levelator rack, and the bottom tier of cookies needed longer to cook than the top…

…but they did taste good and were 100% cooked in my sun oven. In addition, this idea allowed me to try out the accessory racks and pans that you can purchase along with oven.

Because I’m not much of a cook, I used a boxed (actually bagged) recipe, which called for an egg, stick of butter, and a bit of water. After mixing together the ingredients I placed them on the accessory pans (image to the right) and stacked them two high using the racks.

As I am impatient, I placed the cookies in the oven at just shy of 300 degrees. The directions called for 375 degrees for 11-13 minutes in a conventional oven so I added a bit of time and waited 15 minutes to check on them. All was going well until…

… I walked out on the deck and found that the racks had slid forward causing the the pans to not be level and smashing my cookies together! I was not pleased. After getting everything out of the oven and making a bit of a mess, I ended up turning the racks so that they lie perpendicular to the length of the levelator. This seemed to work ok and allowed me to finish my cookies.

This is what they looked like straight out of the oven (to left). Yes, they are quite smashed together, even more so than because I placed them too near one another from the start.

You can’t tell, but the cookies on the left were on the bottom rack and were not done; however, the top rack of cookies were done. This was unexpected as I thought the oven held an even temperature and cooked everything evenly… I guess not. Anyway, I placed the not-quite-done cookies back in the oven for another 15-20 minutes and they were done.

Overall, it worked out. I learned my lesson about the rack placement and found that I could now make apocalypse oatmeal cookies. :) I was a good day.


1 comment to Sun Oven Sunday – Oatmeal Cookies (had a few problems but still yummy)

  • Ed

    They definitely don’t look like the cookies I’m used to but I sure wouldn’t turn them down. ;)