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Sun Oven Sunday – Eggs: Scrambled, Fried, or Something Else?

Well, I had visions of making scrambled eggs in my Sun Oven today but, as I suspected, it didn’t quite work out as I wanted. I let the oven and pot preheat for about ten minutes before adding the eggs; temps reached about 290 degrees when I started and never got above 300 degrees.

Originally I tried to cook the eggs without the lid but it didn’t appear much was happening, so after a few minutes I added the lid and left it alone.

After about ten minutes total, the eggs seemed done. As you can see from the picture, the eggs are cooked–click on the pictured to the left for a larger view–but instead of that familiar fried taste you get from a frying pan, these eggs didn’t have that “feeling” or expected texture.

I choose to eat about half of the eggs I made. Not because I didn’t think they were cooked but because they just tasted different. I figure if I had no other choice I would eat the eggs, though, I’m not so sure about my kids, at least, not without loads of ketchup. ;)

I wonder if boiling eggs would be a better experiment or if I just needed a bit higher temps? I still can’t seem to get the oven above 300 degrees… argh!

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  • rgr

    Sun Ovens are a great concept but remember they are really intended for a 3d world, very austere environment. You may want to consider cooking foods that are intended for those locations and not the standard
    American fair. Good luck with your yummy search for culinary excellence.