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Sun Oven Sunday – Just Plain Rice (Got to Know How to Do That Too)

This week I went back to the basics, this time I cooked just plain rice (click on the picture for a larger view). After all, I’m probably not going to be baking many cookies or brownies if times get tough. So, my wife suggested I try to cook rice. I said, “How hard can that be? It’s just plain rice!”

She said it wasn’t about it being difficult, it’s about the experience of knowing how rice cooks, and if it does so differently in the Sun Oven versus the stovetop. I said “Yes, dear” with a smile on my face and proceeded to try it.

If you’re unaware, you normally use twice as much water to dry rice. In addition, most bulk rice directions say you should bring the water to a boil (which is tough to do in the Sun Oven) and let it simmer for about 20 minutes, covered. The water should then be absorbed and rice nice and fluffy.

So, after about an hour of letting two cups of water heat up, I got impatient and put the rice in. I waited the requisite 20 minutes and tested it… and the rice was fine, of course! I should note there was a very little bit of water left in the pot but the rice tasted just fine. Now, if someone will please tell my wife I was right about something, I would greatly appreciate it. :)

7 comments to Sun Oven Sunday – Just Plain Rice (Got to Know How to Do That Too)

  • Bellen

    Have been using my sun oven for quite a few years and I usually just put the rice and liquid (water, vegetable cooking liquid, broth or combination) in the pot, cover and put in the sun oven. Usually takes about an hour. If I’m cooking a meat dish, which usually takes 3-4 hours, I just stack the rice pot on top.

  • Bev

    How do I get to that “build your own” sun oven? :)

  • Bev

    I have been hesitating to buy or make a sun oven given that I live in the great white tundra of MinnesOta :)

    However, you are beginning to intrigue me with your weekly posts on cooking with a sun oven! We do have temperate weather six months out of the year up here… I am creating a “summer kitchen”, the old term for outdoor kitchens, and might just have to investigate into the sun oven! :)

    • If you’re not sure yet, Bev, try making one from scraps. I did so a month or two ago for $5 and that’s only because I bought an oven thermometer. If that seems to work ok for you then choose to buy one.

  • Hammer

    You couldn’t have picked a more boring food for your Sun Oven post! Of course, it is a prepping staple so you are correct in needing to know how to do it.