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Sun Oven Sunday – Potatoes and Green Beans (Side Dish)

Another easy recipe you just have to love: potatoes and green beans, seasoned with a bit of salt and butter… and fresh picked from the garden too! This side dish normally takes a few hours to cook on a conventional stove so I was expecting this to be an all day affair.

After about two to two and a half hours I decided to check the green beans–via taste test–and they were done. I didn’t bother with taste testing the potatoes at that time because I had to leave. I came back about an hour, tasted the potatoes, and they were done as well; granted, the potatoes were relatively small so maybe that helped but done is done in my book. ;)

Compared to the much bigger pot of potatoes and green beans we cooked at the same time, my sun oven side dish got done faster and tasted just the same to me. Happy Sunday.

4 comments to Sun Oven Sunday – Potatoes and Green Beans (Side Dish)

  • T.R.

    LOL , glad to see your having fun with that ………now I have to get one !

  • Bobby

    The potatoes and green beans look real good. (Picture) I was hoping you would have given your information on how to pepare. I would like to give it a try.

    Thanks for all of your help in getting me pepared. I have learned alot from you over the last several months.


    • Preparation is simple as can be: snap the green beans, wash both green beans and potatoes, get water to boil (or at least fairly hot) place in pot and cook for a few hours. Water should be salted. You’re supposed to add butter at the end and a splash of vinegar but I didn’t bother this time. You’re also supposed to cook the green beans for maybe an hour before adding the potatoes but I find it doesn’t much matter when I add the potatoes. Hope that helps!

  • Hammer

    Sometimes the simplest of meals is the best way to go. Looks tasty!