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Sun Oven Sunday – Tuna Helper (Tetrazinni)

I figured this meal, tuna helper, was another no-brainer: combine all ingredients, get it to boil, and simmer for a while. Unfortunately, my plans didn’t work out quite that way. I never did get it to boil (after waiting at least an hour and having used hot water to begin with) and when I finally pulled the tuna helper out, it still looked way too runny. I let it sit for at least 15-20 minutes and decided I was going to eat it anyway… I used a spoon. :(

In my opinion, it didn’t taste bad and I happily had seconds. The rest of the family, however, gave it two thumbs down because (allegedly) I let the noodles cook way too long and it was soupy. Ok, so it wasn’t dinner as usual but it was certainly edible and would have been welcome if that’s all we had to eat for the night.

Soup… er, tuna helper, anyone?

2 comments to Sun Oven Sunday – Tuna Helper (Tetrazinni)

  • Mike

    Did you cook it with pot lid on or off? Maybe not completely closing oven lid and keeping pot lid off would help? Will have to try it myself, thanks!