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Survival Forums: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Survival forums, like any discussion group, are both good and bad, and sometimes very ugly places to be. Here’s what you should know:

  • The Good – You’ll likely find plenty of useful information, many enthusiastic members, and sometimes even more resources than simple threads. In fact, you’ll probably find so much info at many of the better sites that you’ll have no idea where to start! You may even develop worthwhile friendships too.
  • The Bad – On the flip side, they will take a lot of your time and attention if you’re active to any degree. You’ll also find plenty of negativeness because, let’s face it, most preppers are more paranoid (I meant realistic!) than the general population.
  • The Ugly – Sometimes you’ll find members who choose to demean others who do not accept or agree with their point of view. This can quickly turn into a downward spiral of nasty commenting and worse. If you’re noticing a lot of this behavior then you should choose to go elsewhere.

In general, the better forums will tend to keep the bad aspects of forum life to a minimum (because they are self-policing and have very good moderators). In addition, the better forums will welcome new members and their assortment of newbie questions.

The point is to just be careful and choose the forums you frequent wisely. If the majority of what you see are negative comments and fearful headlines, then move on. If, on the other hand, the forum is active, seemingly helpful to other members (even newbies), and attempting to provide useful content… stick around a while.

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