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Survival Water Bottle Kit (link)

It’s fairly impressive the amount and diversity of survival items that can be fit into the space of a water bottle. I know I’ve done it, how about you? Here’s the first part of the post:

“One of my friends is running a contest over on the Zombie Squad Forums and asked if I was interested. I love contests, especially ones that put constrains on you that make you really work hard. For this contest you must create a Survival Nalgene Bottle on the cheap. I like both the limited space of the nalgene bottle and the cost restriction. This contest has the insane budget of everything has to be under $5 except the bottle and one item that may be $10. I figured I had enough gear laying around I could throw one together. I did and I am rather proud of the kit I made. Let me show you what I tossed together and tell you how you can enter this contest.”

Read the full article here

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