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Thank You, Yes YOU!

I wanted to take a brief moment today to say thank you to YOU, the readers, for continuing to visit reThinkSurvival.com. When I choose to take this blog seriously back in March I had no idea it would grow so much or so fast. Granted, I’m no James Wesley Rawles or Jack Spirko (and I really never expect to be either) I do appreciate your loyalty, comments, and continued support. Have a happy Thanksgiving day and a wonderful long weekend.

2 comments to Thank You, Yes YOU!

  • Christine

    Thank you! For educating and sharing with us on a daily basis.
    I only recently found your site through the prepper exchange with The Apartment Prepper’s site and others. I really enjoy the content you post and I for one, appreciate the work that you put in to keep it interesting for me, the reader.
    Thanks alot,