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The iPod Makes for Great Emergency Entertainment

Recently I was looking to replace our older iPod touch with a newer model (such as the one pictured), mostly for me, but for my kids too. While my kids don’t use the iPod touch we have everyday, they do use it on occasion such as on road trips and when they’re not allowed to play our computer or the Wii.That got me to thinking that even an older iPod would prove useful as an emergency entertainment option.

The nice thing is that the iPod touch does not abuse battery life at all. When playing music and–to a lesser extent–using games the iPod may last for many hours, which is much better than our laptop for sure. Videos are a different story; however, that’s not what I want out of an iPod. I want cheap and easy entertainment. In addition, the iPod touch can be easily recharged using a car charger or a small solar system such as this one that I put together. In fact, some car chargers allow for multiple devices to be charged at once (such as two iPods or maybe an iPod touch and an phone). If you own an iPod touch but don’t yet have an iPod car charger then I strongly urge you to get one; they cheap and very useful for just this purpose.

Since my kids are still young (under 10) they tend to enjoy the most mindless of games and do not (yet) have the need to text their friends every other second. Anyway, I would think that such a device would prove very useful as an emergency entertainment option. And, since most games are free, you can let them download a variety of games that will keep them entertained for many hours. This could prove quite useful given that most children are glued to a variety of electronics such as the television, Wii, Xbox, PlayStation, and so on.

Equally important is their size, weight, and portability. They can be easily packed into a bug out bag or stuffed into a back pocket. Get a good set of earbuds and you’re set for the road too.

The obvious thought is this: why not keep your older iPod touch devices for this very reason? I think that’s a good idea, so I’ve decided that I will do just that. There are plenty of games and music on it that should keep my kids–and me too–sufficiently entertained for days on end. And, if you don’t currently own one, consider purchasing one if you think you’ll find a good use for it. While I can’t recommend one simply on the premise of emergency entertainment, if you do own one then by all means keep it and work to get it ready to be used for such a purpose.

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