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The National Debt Finally Explained in Layman’s Terms

The other day I came across a very informative video link on 1LessonSelfDefense.Wordpress.com that finally explained the national debt in terms that I can truly understand. For quite some time I enjoyed listening to Jack Spirko of TheSurvivalPodcast.com regarding the subject (among other people) but this video finally showed me that we–as the people–are truly hosed… it’s just a matter of time. Really!

Normally, I have no interest in discussing potentially politically-charged topics, but I firmly believe that this topic goes well beyond politics. It’s not a Republican or Democrat thing. Both sides are wholly responsible for a variety of reasons and have been for a long, long time. After you watch the video, I think you’ll see how deeply in trouble we truly are.

In fact, there’s really only one option: a currency rebasement. Who knows how big or when. And, sadly, there’s only one conclusion from that: we the people (you and I) get the short end of the stick, so-to-speak.

What to do about it?

Well, you can move to another country. Unfortunately, however, I would think that most other countries are going be hit hard from this problem too, not just America. Regardless, I have no interest in moving anywhere abroad… ever. This is my home. My country. My land. (And yours too!)

I may not have caused the problem but I’m darn sure going to be a part of the solution. The only question is how am I going to do that? How are you going to do that? How will WE do that?

For starters, we need to alert others to the problem. Talk to your family and friends about the heart of the problem in ways that they can understand (this video is a good start). Only with proper education will positive solutions be offered.

Certainly choose to prepare yourself, family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and anyone else who will listen. The more people who, at the very least, make an honest attempt to be more self-sufficient the better off we (as a people) will be when the “S” does “HTF”.

I would also suggest you vote out any politician that flippantly ignores the problem. However, I fear that even debt-conscious politicians can do little about the problem anymore. We’ve dug the hole too deep. Instead, maybe you can ask them what they intend to do to help us get out of this situation? At least then they’ll have to think about it and, well, say… something about the topic.

You know, I used to wonder why my Grandmother would keep absolutely anything and everything (she still does), especially stuff I was sure had no use… now I think I understand: she may need it again someday… perhaps someday real soon.

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