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War of the Gun Petitions (it was never in question)

Another SurvivalistBoards thread pointed out a White House petition titled A Gun in Every Classroom that aims to train and arm both teachers and administrators to carry firearms on school property as a result of the horrible events Friday; I thought that was a good and noble petition buth then I noticed the very next thread comment that pointed out all of the current gun ban petitions. As I write this (Friday night) I’ll include the relevant gun-related petitions and their current signatures:


I quit looking after the first 20 petitions, though, I’m sure there are plenty others. Strangely, my only major problem with signing the “gun in every classroom” petition is that I have to do so openly on the White House website.

So, you tell me… can we declare a TKO in the first round?

7 comments to War of the Gun Petitions (it was never in question)

  • Nathan

    As an outsider watching from the north, and a licensed citizen (unrestricted and restricted firearms), I can only wonder what makes one believe that arming a teacher in an elementary school could make any sense.

    The facts appear to be: the mother had registered firearms, as did the divorced father. The perpetrator entered wearing at minimal a bullet proof vest with 2 hand guns and left the rifle in the car. The victims were shot many multiple times each which means multiple and/or larger magazines.

    A tragedy of unimaginable human scale occurred.

    To equate that the right to possess a firearm without adequate licensing and jurisdictional enforcement is in the least dangerous, and at the worst nationally suicidal.

    I personally believe a handgun has no real need to be in the general public’s ability to acquire. It serves no purpose other than to kill. Ask Gabrielle Giffords if handguns have a place in the public arena.

    I have the privilege of owning/selling/operating a firearm because I took training and examinations, as well as, federal background checks and personal interviews.

    The “right to bear arms” is often touted as being trampled on. The statement of “gun control” as being a negative concept is counter to the reality.

    The purpose of government, of a democratic government is in fact, and you many not like it, control. Control in context, is a necessary thing. To control, is by default to exact limits. Those limits are established to ensure prosperity and security for the citizens, the establishment, and yes, even the government itself. It is a selfish ideal, but without limits you can only have chaotic events.

    There is an ever changing line that shifts from the left to the right. Public opinion should NOT dictate public policy. Rather, public policy should protect public opinion.

    27 innocent people died Friday. 18 of them were under the age of 8. To suggest that an armed teacher, or that arming every citizen is a deterrent of heinous acts of lunacy is in itself lunacy.

    Escalating the ability to cause harm, because of fear of being harmed is like suggesting talking louder over the person talking loud means you will be heard better.

    It solves nothing. It protects nothing. It serves nothing.

    The hearts of many must heal as best they can. 27 people died Friday, but those that survived have a lifetime of trauma to overcome. And your nation has a soul to search and seek some kind of understanding from this tragic event.

    • I think the inherent problem with declaring schools gun-free zones is, in so doing, makes them easy targets for psychopaths like this guy. You don’t hear of anything like this ever happening at a police station, do you? And for good reason. I’m not saying that we should arm every teacher, not at all. In fact, there are many people (including teachers) that shouldn’t be armed for any number of reasons. But if there’s a very real possiblity that one or more teachers could be armed and trained to respond to a situation like this then perhaps tragedies like this would be less like to be perpetrated or, at the very least, less lives would be lost.

  • T.R.

    If you look at the numbers …….and the population of the country ……they dont look like much of a threat , the numbers were A LOT higher on the petitions to secede the union . The communists and scared of their own shadow lefties will push for more controle , but when you get down to the true affect of it , criminals , illegals , patriots , and confederate rednecks like me will still have them no matter what . Bottom line , people like me will be killing criminals , protecting my family with a gun ( illegal or not ) while the anti gun lefty is being raped and murdered …….the cops will get there just in time to clean up the mess . just sayin

  • Methane Creator

    So they pass a law to restrict gun ownership or assault weapons. How long has the law been in place for DUI/DWI, Rape, Murder, Assault, Theft, and gang violence? Has it even put a dent in it? I watch the old western movies and notice that even back then, men tipped their hats to the ladies, held the door open or stepped aside to let the older folks pass. Folks said Please, Pardon, and thank you back then. Why? Because most folks were armed and if you were disrespectful, someone shot you. Kept the gene pool cleaner too. Had the teachers been allowed to have a CHL in Connecticut, maybe there would have been fewer deaths. I practice and train with all my firearms. My family knows if someone grabs them and holds a gun or knife to their throat, I will take the shot!! Come on, if you can’t hit a pumpkin head in a hoodie within 10 feet, you shouldn’t be carrying anyway.

  • Irish-7

    We were already facing more gun control, by virtue of the November’s election results. This tragedy will seal the fate of gun owners. Americans love their guns! The only way to successfully disarm the population, is to fool the people into believing that they are in danger, or that we have a nation-wide safety problem. Liberals use tragedies to their advantage. Because the Main Stream Media leans so far to the left, the real truth will not be announced.