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What Are You Really DOING to Prepare?

This is going to be a short post, scratch that… a brief confession that I’m not as prepared as I like to think (or even admit to). You see, I LOVE to find and read information, from other people’s blogs to ever book and PDF file I can get my hands on. As you might also suspect I enjoy buying–I mean collecting–an assortment of preparedness gadgets and supplies as well.

The problem is that, although I HAVE a lot of stuff (and some knowledge), I haven’t actually used a lot of either. Unfortunately, this is about as bad not even having the supplies and knowledge in the first place! So, I’m vowing to myself (and to you the reader) that I will begin to use what I have and report what I learn, including my successes and failures.

So, here’s my request to you: If you’re in the same boat so-to-speak, then get off your rear and start learning to use one new item or do at least one new task each week. That’s my goal. In so doing, we can learn together and be better prepared as a result.

2 comments to What Are You Really DOING to Prepare?

  • Nathan Harpelle

    I don’t have a lot of gadgets persay for overall prepping but here’s a couple of things I have found important to know how to use/perform:

    A Manual Pasta Maker: Use it to make any flat pastas of course, but I like it to make small tortillas, pitas, or naan

    Modified Crumb Catcher Stove: This is made similarly to the ones found on Youtube, however I made’em from Coke cans and DON’T use the pegs. I combine it with an enamel mug and use Methyl Hydrate (paint section of a hardware store). It’s in my 72hr kit and I keep the Hydrate in cleaned/emptied single use Scope bottles.

    Can Opener on Multi-Tool: Probably the funniest item on any multi-tool that people simply don’t know how to use. Once you understand how to use it, but also the patience it requires, you realize how much extra weight you save in a 72hr kit (not time though ha ha ha)

    • Thank you for your thoughts, Nathan. I wasn’t sure what a crumb catcher stove was so I looked it up… what a neat little stove. Besides, I’m a sucker for anything that catches fire. :) I would be interested to see how you made yours someday. Let me know if you ever do a YouTube video or Instructable on it.