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What Are Your Plans for December 21, 2012?

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I just looked at the calendar and realized that December 21st is a Friday… what a way to end the week! You know, I’m surprised that I haven’t heard more hysteria about it already considering that the world is ending is less than three months. :)

Perhaps we’re all geared up for more rational problems such as the Presidential election or economic collapse. That said, as the date approaches I would expect to see some media hype about it as well as Internet theories abound stating precisely how and why the world will end. I would imagine we’ll see weirdos wearing alien masks thinking aliens are coming to get us. Others will be riding the high seas expecting biblical floods.

As for me, I’ll be at home. Hopefully putting back a few cold ones with a buddy. I truly feel that nothing will happen at all. After all, I’ve read/heard that the world should have ended already because the Mayans didn’t take into account leap years. Who knows.

That said, it’s not going to be all fun and games. There WILL be stupid people out there doing dumb things as the date approaches. I WILL be more vigilant and likely more protective of my family. In fact, I will probably request my family stay home that day. Not because I fear the world is coming to an end but because I fear stupid people doing dumb things. They’re seemingly everywhere.

Then, when Saturday, December 22nd rolls around, I’ll get up and go about my life… preparing for what is truly inevitable (not just death and taxes): economic collapse. Yes, folks, that is coming.

10 comments to What Are Your Plans for December 21, 2012?

  • doug

    That sounds good to me,Cold one’s with a Buddy! I’ll be sitting in my Son’s garage with him and we’ll be drinking out of a ICE-Downed tub of BEER!! ( and cleaning our GUNS!,just in case!)

  • teabag

    i don’t think anything earthshaking will happen that day either, so i won’t do anything different….but i have to admit that i may keep the tube tuned in to an all-news network!

  • Scooter

    Well…actually 2 things…#1 I will have my daughter and son in law in town, 2) I am a rescue technician on local Rescue Squad and Fridays are my day in Paradise…So there ya go…

  • T.R.

    My plans ? none whatsoever other than spending time with my sweety .

  • comingstorm

    I was at least hoping for an asteroid strike at Capital One HQ.

  • I have no plans except to be planning my daughter’s birthday for the next day. I truly believe nothing will happen so I am not going to get worked up about it.

  • Gadabout

    I was thinking about having a party; perhaps a champagne brunch on Saturday morning to celebrate that nothing happened.

    • I’m sure plenty of people will be partying that day. :)

    • T.R.

      LOL yeah ….it will be like Y2K …….a lot of angst for nothing . People have been saying the world is going to end on such and such a date for 2000 years …….we are still here . Just sayin