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Why I Stopped Reading Fear-Mongering Preppper Websites

C’mon, you know you do it… you know you regularly visit a number of fear-mongering prepper websites, and you probably do it every day. You’ve likely been doing it for years. I know I have and I’ve decided that, as of this week, I’m going cold-turkey. No more fear-mongering sites for me. Nope. No more. I quit!

You see, as a part of bringing you, the readers, the best information that I can here at reThinkSurvival.com, it is my duty (and a bit of obsession as well) to keep up with as much as I can in the community. This also means keeping up with several dozen of the most popular prepper websites out there. My Google Readers is loaded with them. The problem I have, however, is two-fold: (1) it’s hard to keep up with so many sites and (2) I often stop to focus my attention on the very same doom and gloom websites that I’m now swearing off. They’re highly distracting. In fact, I think they’ve masted the art of eye-catching titles. Besides that, it’s hard not to be drawn to more news that says life is worse today than it was yesterday. I guess it’s just normal human behavior.

Anyway, originally I subscribed to these sites because they’re quite busy and I figured I should pay attention, after all, everyone else is. However, I found that the more I read their content the less prepared I felt. In fact, I often feel worse about my day, my life, the world and everything in it simply after reading their material! That’s not the way to prepare oneself and family.

Although I understand that we’re likely heading over a cliff in the near future, that doesn’t mean I should continually remind myself of the fact. Maybe these websites think they’re doing us a good service? Perhaps they are and I just don’t see it anymore. To me, its the same idea as watching the local news–or any news for that matter–which I quit doing many years ago. After the terrorist attacks on 9/11, I found myself glued to the television (that was also likely the reason why I “woke up” shortly thereafter) and watched the news whenever I could. I had no idea something like that could happen in America. I was naive. But watching constant negativity on the television was taxing on my body, mind, and soul. It didn’t work for me so I eventually gave up the negative news years ago and never looked back. This strategy has it’s pros and cons, of course. For example, it was at least a week before I knew about the tsunami of 2004 as I was on vacation from work and, apparently, we didn’t go anywhere… or talk to anyone. :)

On the other hand, there is a huge upside: my blood pressure and emotional well-being are probalby much better these days. My wife tends to like me more too! The problem is that I now simply get my “negative” news from Google Reader feeds rather than the television. It’s like giving up booze for smoking.

So, am I missing something? Is there something inherently wrong with not keeping up with all the negative news and headlines? As far as I am concerned I don’t think so. It’s not like I’m complete unaware as I do have a NOAA weather radio so, if something horrible is coming my way, then I should be aware of it. Otherwise, I don’t care about the latest murder, car wreck, or city budget deficit. I just don’t.

Instead, I would much rather focus my attention on the many good websites out there that provide positive and useful information to their readers, which is what I try to do here at reThinkSurvival. In fact, I don’t believe that I have actually changed my prepping strategy one iota as a result of any of the fear-mongering websites. If anything, it has driven me to be MORE positive. Need some positive recommendations? Look to the sidebar to the left. There you’ll find several of my most recommended websites, besides SurvivalBlog and TheSurvivalPodcast, both of which have dedicated pages here.

So, how about you? Are you going to continue to watch and read all the negativity and fear-mongering sites? And, if you do, why? What service do they really provide you… besides raising your blood pressure? I’m sure you want my list of fear-mongering sites but I’m not going to do that. My intention isn’t to start a website war or even to bemoan what others are doing. Those people who choose to read their posts will have to come to their own conclusion that doing so is not helpful to them. Only then will the webmasters change their ways.

20 comments to Why I Stopped Reading Fear-Mongering Preppper Websites

  • Morris

    Hey Doug, I like reading about that stuff; keeps the blood flowing. Hey,
    I’m planning on moving to Florida-what was the website that made you decide
    to move out (I may change my mind).

  • doug

    And I agree with you! I quit watching News last year and I’ve quit TV six months ago.(except for college football & certain races!) A website that’s really good at putting th FEAR in you has convinced me to move outta FLA. and go 500 miles north to my old home there! I told someone the other day ,that I felt like hiding under th HOUSE with my guns & some canned BEANs then wait for trouble! Can’t DO THAT!!But I will move.Beer’s too expensive here ,among other thing’s!!Now all I have to worry about is DODGING those CHECK-POINTS in GA.!! I ain’t going to NO FEMA CAMP!!!

  • Emmet

    I will admit up front that I am not much of a prepper. I think the Prepper movement was initiated by government and big business. George Ure over at Urban Survival made a comment once upon a time that since everyone has purchased their own big screen flat screen TV he wanted to figure out what the next $1000 purchase people would be making and he would invest in the companies that manufactured what people would be wanting to buy. I think today’s equivalent to the big screen TV is prepping. People can be herded / scared into buying lots of stuff that will be taxed and businesses will be saved. The velocity of money helped by preppers will be good enough to keep the final financial collapse pushed off for a while longer. Anyone at any financial level can buy into this prepping stuff with either a few dollars or thousands of dollars. Big business and government just smile and nod their heads knowingly?.

    How much prepping is enough? I have 2 experienced professional military trigger-puller friends who know that even if you guard your location with modern tanks it won’t be enough to stop them. They train against modern tanks and armored vehicles with Viet Nam era equipment and they win because they have more experience. You can slow them down but you cannot stop them.

    Some will say that their body armor will protect them. I saw a video of one of my friends doing a stress shoot and as they transition from rifle to side arm while moving along, the head of one target had two bullet holes in it and another half dozen holes that had been taped over from the previous shooters.

    My friends have showed me which trees around my home I could drop and keep any tracked or armored vehicle from crunching a hole in my house like what happened in Waco years ago. The trees would slow them down but would not stop them and they would know from the sound of the “crack” whether the trees were dropped by HE or LE (high or low explosives) and know the potential of what they were dealing with. A slightly exposed trip wire will make the professionals slow down but will not stop them. The professionals in Aurora slowed down a little when clearing the apartment of the crazy shooter but the traps did not stop them.

    At best you can slow down an experienced professional but you should not be scared of them. Uneducated farmers in Sandyland destroy armored vehicles all the time that are twice the size of the RV’s that the government is parading around to scare people. A good prep may be to make friends with a science or chemistry teacher and/or to get copies of the old SF black books.

    The professionals will create easy access or scare you to go where their defenses are strongest or they can take advantage of you. I will admit to having a few extra bottles of water stored, a few days of extra food and even a pellet gun for harvesting the squirrels out of the trees but I am not prepping to fight anyone. I want to have so low of a profile that no one pays any attention to me as I feed my fish and tend to my garden.

    I am putting no trust in the things that I have to save me. I am putting my trust in the Lord Jesus and how He has prepared me. I don’t fear what men can do to my body but I do have a knowledge of what the Lord will do with an eternal soul who rejects his free gift of salvation.

    • If it gets bad and for a really long time then, yes, the professional are the ones to fear. But for me, the ones I worry about most are the frantic neighbors (at least people nearby) that didn’t do anything. These people CAN be slowed down and stopped assuming, of course, they’re not one of the “professionals”.

  • T.R.

    Like some of you have mentioned , a lot of the fear mongering if not all in some cases is nothing more than speculation and personal opinion . Thats how the news media gets away with all the BS it reports , if its opinion – it doesn’t have to be true or even fact . There are many very highly educated experts looking at everything we worry about ……..even they dont agree . So why listen to the paranoid speculation of somebody with no credentials ? your guess as to what is ( if anything ) or is NOT going to happen is just as good as theirs . just sayin

  • maggi

    glad to see this post. i got oerwhelmed last month and unsubscribed from most of the sites ive been watching. i just couldnt take the doom and gloom all the time. im still prepping and watching whats going on but ive gotten over all these sites that have nothing positive to say. yes, we are in a big mess but there are still positive ways to prep and deal with all the crap going on in the world. thanks for the post.

  • T.R.

    Amen brother ! your right , I do it every day ,there is one that is nothing more than negative fringe , I wouldn’t even call it for preppers or even a survival site like it claims it is , its more of just a negative forum . Anyhow , like the old saying goes , do we really need to hear a weatherman tell us its raining when we can plainly see it out our window ?

  • Mark

    I’m glad you brought this up. I have come to just about the same conclusion over the last week or so myself. Thanks for you and the other commenters today for validating my thoughts as of late!

  • Anne Ollamha

    I tend to agree. Any time you encounter a -monger of some kind, there is a financial angle, and with preparedness fear-mongers, the more unprepared you feel, the more likely you are to buy into whatever they are selling. I have stopped following a number of sites for this very reason.

    Not that I think it’s wrong to make a living at doing something you believe in. Sellers of supplies that folks will need when the truly bad times come are doing a service. But as always, buyer beware!

    On the other hand, the reality is that no matter how “prepared” we are, the most important preparation we can make is not going to be in our bug-out bags or the root cellar. It’s going to be between our ears and in our hearts.

  • Bev

    The fear mongering is what I do not like about prepping!
    I watch the news very consistently and enjoy keeping up on current affairs.
    I do have to say that I think when I first got onto the prepping websites that the fear mongering ones encouraged me to make some real poor decisions as to prepping–like I have 12 50 lb. white salt blocks in my basement! That is probably a lifetime supply for my horses! It was touted as “barter” goods.
    What I LOVE about reThink is that practical, no fear, preparedness nature of the site. Realistic, practical preparing without the melodrama! Keep up the good work!

    • T.R.

      ” I do not take a newspaper a week or even a month , and I am the happier for it ”
      Thomas Jefferson

  • jean

    Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil. We all know something is going to happen in the future. It is smart to be prepared for what may come. It is smart to stay informed about the world around us. Giving all of your attention and fear to the inevitable trying to predict what’s coming and when is foolish as its more detrimental to ones life than beneficial. Getting off the fear wagon is key as it gives you time to live and enjoy today for when tomorrow comes than it is time to worry and fear what’s next. Live life today but be prepared for tomorrow don’t give all your time away to the worries of others as it sucks the life out of you and those around you. Negative thoughts and actions eats your health away so try to stay in the positive side of it. Put all your fears into a higher power whom you choose is on you for me its God. Good luck and long life to all

  • Morris

    Sorry. Disagree. If there’s an increase in earthquake activity along the New Madrid fault line I want to know about it, even if it’s negative
    information. For example, I don’t want to wait til the NOAA weather radio tells me that the oil distribution lines to the east coast have been severed, and major transportation routings have been destroyed.

    • That’s a good point but I would think that I will hear about this kind of very pertinent information from one of the many positive sites I pay attention to. :)

  • Martin

    I stopped a long time ago myself. It’s just no good for the psyche to keep being bombarded with negativity. Congrats!