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Win a Free Bar-Ricade Home Defense Door Security Bar!

As another way to honor national preparedness month, a reThinkSurvival sponsor,, has generously offered to give away a FREE door bar-ricade to a lucky winner!

Simply tell us below why you feel you need this awesome door security bar for your home in the comments section below and you’ll be entered into a random drawing at the end of the week. In other words “Why do YOU need the Bar-Ricade for your home security?”

Please note that obviously insincere comments will not be accepted. Multiple comments (not including replies) by the same person cannot be accepted either and may disqualify you. In other words, don’t cheat. :)

While you’re here reading this, choose to visit their site to learn more about the bar-ricade. There’s even a short informational video about it there as well. Check it out and comment below to be entered. It’s that simple!

[All entires through this Friday at midnight will be accepted and the winner will be announced this weekend. Please note that you MUST comment below to be entered to win.]

48 comments to Win a Free Bar-Ricade Home Defense Door Security Bar!

  • DJohnston

    I live in formerly HUD housing. As a member of a Housing Co-operative I am responsible for keeping my home safe even though the doors are not the most appropriate for safety. The Bar-Ricade would help me make my doors safer from some of my less scrupulous neighbors.

  • RangerRick

    I have been teaching Survival Preparedness at our local church for many months now. I have brought in a lot of my gear to show and tell and then build the equipment for the preppers that come to class.
    A police officer, who is a friend of mine said the walls are talking. It seems my class has talked about the classes which is good, but the information has fallen on the wrong ears.
    The neighbors have noticed strange cars on our road which is one way in and one way out way. I live in North Idaho, means law enforcement is 45 minutes away at best.
    I have built a safe room for the family/weapons/ammo and food. I am now building the door. This product would surely be the finshing touch to the safe room.
    I would sleep better knowing while I travel around the state training the family will be safe from the bad guys. That said everyone one on the board could use one. Blessings to all,
    Be Prepared, Be Prayerful, Be Thankful- You are an American,

  • Carli Wynne

    As a single mother of a 6 year old little girl, I am trying to do everything I can do to protect my daughter and myself from intruders. We live on a dirt road and I am trying to make our home as secure as possible against intruders and in case TSHTF. I am in the process of obtaining and training with firearms and I would love to have one of these to secure my main entrance. I have been trying to figure out if I could secure windows and dooes with roll down metal doors (like stores use), but I would like something that is easy to install and affordable.

  • Irish blues

    With the doors on most houses being hollow, they need every bit of extra support to keep them closed. Keeping the intruder is the first line of defense, and it looks like the Bar-Ricade is extremely capable of keeping the door closed.

  • Farther

    I have steel entry doors and that’s a good thing. However, a reasonably strong man could kick the door off of the hinges, or kick out the 1″ deadbolt, even with 3 inch screws holding everything in place. The Bar-Ricade adds another layer of resistance to my home against a determined intruder. It would take a great deal more effort (along with the attendant noise) to break down my door. Most intruders just want to get in and out quickly, without attracting too much attention. The Bar-Ricade prevents that.

  • I need it to help barricade my house….in case of intruders, I REALLY don’t want to DIE.

  • Ronald

    Bar-Ricade would be a great addition to my new-to-me solid wood front door!! Awesome.

  • Randy B.

    Looks like the Bar-Ricade would be a great way to start upgrading my home for increased security and peice of mind.

  • Randy

    The Bar-Ricade looks like a great place to start me and my family down the preparedness road. Better late then never. Great product – just too many doors.

  • Irish-7

    We need the Bar-Ricade because we only have one entrance to our home. This front door is on a mud room, which was part of an addition made to the house when we go married. The foundation on the addition has settled, creating a crack in the wall and misalignment of the door. The deadbolt is not directly aligned with the recess, so it does not always close completely. The strike on the door handle does not reach at all. We need some sort of bar or chain to secure the door from the inside, as neither apparatus on the door seats correctly into the door jam.

  • SteveH

    I ordered one of the Bar-Ricades to check it out. I just received it, and it looks like it is all it is cracked up to be. Simple, yet secure. I will now order two more to secure the rest of the house.

  • Vogeler

    The doors I have in my home are the “weakpoint” in our security, and the Bar-Ricade would be a great help in filling the gap.

  • Michael Brady

    Ideally, I need the 32″ version for my garage door since it’s not visible from the street and is still my most vulnerable entry point. I would need the 36″ for my front door to secure it better since it has side windows on each side, preventing me from installing an honest dead-bolt.

  • Crazy Stevo

    Bought my house and found out soon after while gone that S.W.A.T. and the ATF kicked in the house next to me and cleaned them out. Had to call the cops because some people tried to get in. I also go outside sometimes and watch the neighborhood nobody in the neighborhood knows I am out there and had to call the cops because I spotted a break in at the same house twice. Not a great neighborhood but it is what I can afford and would use the Bar-Ricade to secure my front door to protect my wife, child and I from intruders.

  • Bar-Ricade was very well thought out!!My son had already talked to me about how I need something that can be used where I wouldn’t have to depend on my door frame strength.I would love to have the added security of having these in my home. These I am single and have grand kids, and kids stay over at times. Several homes only 8 blocks away had been broken into not too long ago. Thank you.

  • Den

    My wife and I are seniors and live in a rural area. Our outside doors are interior doors. We have tried to find heavy outside doors for replacements. Nothing so far that doesn’t cost a fortune. We feel that there is concern for a home invasion. The Bar-Ricade would give us sufficient warning of someone trying to get in.In the event we do get a heavier door we would still use the Bar-Ricade and make it twice as hard to get in.

  • ocasusosr

    This would be a great help in the prevention of push in burglaries

  • Rick

    I’ve just had my first grandchild and my wife will be babysitting. Nothing would make me feel more secure while I am working then to have the peace of mind of the added protection of the bar-ricade. One more barrier to an intruder allows more time for a call or other protective measure to be taken. Thanks for offering this.

  • Roscoe

    I need a Bar-Ricade to get early notice in case of emergency. My children’s rooms are closer to the front door than mine is and I’d like to get between them and the front door if there is a problem.

  • gloria

    I’m a senior and I live alone I think the added security wouild be great plus I was looking for something like this.

  • Christine

    I need a door bar-ricade because my husband often works far away and is gone over night frequently. As a mother home alone with 3 small children, a little added security would certainly help me sleep better at night.

  • Gail

    Living in a tiny town has allowed me to feel (probably falsely) secure and to get a little lax. As a middle aged disabled female, I have just begun to be concerned about my home security. Fortifying my door with a BarRicade would help me feel a lot more secure in my 1920′s era home.

  • Seth

    Because my wife and 3 young daughters are home all day while I’m at work, and we’ve had entirely too many sketchy things going on in our neighborhood. Wife called me one day saying SWAT team was blocking the street in front of our house, chasing a suspected murderer. Not exactly comforting to look at our flimsy door.

  • Ryan Pridgeon

    I live near an interstate highway and a prison in a rural area and I’m always concerned about our home security.

  • Vince

    I have a wife, three little kids and I work 24 hour shifts. A little more security would give my wife and I a whole lot more peace of mind.

  • Peter

    I’m disabled and must use a wheelchair. I’m acutely aware of how vulnerable I am. Having a gun is not much use without some advance warning. Quick-Draw Magraw I am not. I have a garage with an automatic door opener that sometimes gets left open, however rarely.

    The garage opens into the house through a flimsy interior type door, with an equally flimsy lock. This door and the garage door provide very little security. Enter the Bar-Ricade device. If placed across and behind the interior door to the gargage, I am certain secruity would be greatly improved. I had a similar idea in mind, but I could not build something nearly as strong, and as elegantly simple and practical as the Bar-Ricade. It would be nice to have one for every door in the house.

  • I need to win the Bar-Ricade so I can personally test its effectiveness before adding the company link to my Facebook Fan Page “Noah Survival”. Nothing beats a user experienced testimonial in selling such a useful security product.

  • Michaeal Allen

    Why I need a bar a cade, the dead bolt on the front door only goes into the door frame and it is positioned to far to the back of the frame it will brake right through. And the handle lock is worthless, because the door won’t close all the way cause the door was installed incorrectly and I rent so I can it with me when I move.

  • Patrice

    My husband was just diagnosised with heart disease They say there is nothing that can be done. He cannot do anything strenuous so it would be great to have some added protection to our house to give a little extra peace of mind.

  • Jen

    I live in a rental and cannot install a monitored security system. The Bar-Ricade looks like a good security gadget to harden my flimsy front door. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • RoyG

    need one to beef up the home security issues… well really i need one for the zombies and to protect the teen aged boys from entering the house looking for my daughter… i say protect them because well you can figure it out… ;-)

  • Kang

    2 words. Teenage. Daughters. Yes, plural. The boys are practically beating my doors in.

    Also, being a victim of home invasion would suck.

  • Phil Collier

    I recently came home from work to find police all over my neighborhood. I found out that earlier in the middle of the day 4 men had broken in a house. A neighbor who was home saw them carrying items out the back door and called the police. Three were caught and the fourth ran. Evidently he used the drainage ditch that runs behind my house to escape. My next door neighbor said the police helicopter was hovering between her back yard and mine. This was a very sobering incident.

  • Jody S

    Bar-Ricade would be a valuable tool to add to the defense of your home. Anything and everything you can do to protect your loved ones and preperations should be of paramount importance. Bar-Ricade would prevent entry or at even it’s least, allow you time to prepare and gather family, defensive weapons and co-ordinate plans for defense. I think this should be a prepper must.

  • Jamie

    I’d like the Bar-Ricade to increase security on the front door and to help keep our 5 month old daughter safe. There’s been a lot more “foot traffic” through our neighborhood lately, and it makes me a little more nervous.

  • My two young grandsons live with me. Need I say more?

  • Cece

    Would love to have it to increase the security of our front door. We live near a state highway, and if the SHTF, we may get unwanted visitors.

  • snb

    I live, literally, just down the road from a prison `(I can see it from my front yard). When TSHTF I can guarantee you that the guards are going to be home caring for their families (rightly so). This would allow me to secure my front door, and test it to see about using for the back doors.

  • Sandra

    Peace of mind – I’ve had my eye on one of these – what a great idea. (And a great blog too – thanks!)

  • Jody Bond

    We live in a fairly inexpensive apartment complex (to have money for prepping and long-term financial security) which means that if TSHTF we would probably be the only apartment with a substantial food and water supply…which I would very much like to protect!

  • I’ve seen this product on Amazon and it looks like a great security upgrade. I’d love to have something this substantial protecting my front door.

  • John Nielsen

    Found out about you from Looks like the Bar-Ricade would be a great addition to our back door.

  • Robert Slaughter

    Living in an apartment, I feel I need extra security.

  • Since I live in NYC, a Bar-Ricade Bar would help keep my family safe.

  • Gertrude E.

    Since all of my LGD have now passed (the last was over 20 years old) I no longer have an early warning system and I have 3 sleepwalkers. This would bring a TON of peace of mind to me.

  • Dsanborn

    I live in a rural area, several homes one street over have been broken into, thieves are traveling through the woods, waiting for people to leave for work and then kicking in the back door that faces away from the street. Some have started installing alarms but Police in the area are no longer responding to burglar alarms due to the number of false alarms. The Bar-Ricade Home Defense Door Security Bar would allow me to prevent this type of malicious activity in my home.

  • Roland

    I could really use a Bar-Ricade to increase the toughness of my flimsy back door.

  • The Bar-Ricade looks like it could be a great addition to our home security, and slow down or prevent entry to our rural home.