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Winter Weather Crash Survival Quiz

Recently my wife had me take a winter survival quiz that she had to take in school. The reason for the quiz was to test group decision making, not to test how well you would do in choosing survival items. Keep in mind I am not the person who designed this quiz nor do I know where it originates from.

According to the “answers” my wife brought home I didn’t do too well. In my defense, I didn’t spend but a minute on making my choices. However, later I realized that I had overlooked a few items, misunderstood a description or two, and certainly disagreed with some of the “expert” rankings.

Now, I’m no boy scout, but this exercise does tend to show that you should take your time planning, especially in such a dire situation as this. I would also argue that it shows you can disagree with the experts if you have good reason to do so.

Now for the quiz…

How to use: rank the following items in order of importance from 1 to 15 without repeating any numbers. When finished, click the Submit button to see how you compare to the experts. Remember to think outside the box before selecting your ranking. A brief discussion of the answers will be provided on the solutions page. Good luck and take a few minutes before finalizing.

Compress kit (with 28 feet of 2-inch gauze)
Ball of steel wool
Cigarette lighter (without fluid)
Loaded .45-caliber pistol
Newspaper (one per person)
Two ski poles
Sectional air map made of plastic
30 feet of rope
Family-size chocolate bar (one per person)
Flashlight with batteries
Quart of 85-proof whiskey
Extra shirt and pants for each survivor
Can of shortening

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