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You Had Better Store Powdered Butter, Cheese, and Eggs

As preppers, we store a variety of foods in our pantries, such as rice, beans, flour, powdered milk, and even honey. A very specific area of your food storage that you should ensure is NOT lacking would include powdered butter, cheese, and eggs for the simple fact that most American families are accustomed to eating these dairy products daily. (Powdered milk is ignored because it is assumed you can purchase that locally.)

Our digestive tracts and mental well-being will be thankful if we continue to give our bodies what they expect to eat. Unfortunately, it’s difficult (and potentially unsafe) to put away such foods on our own via traditional methods such as canning or dehydrating. Instead, we either need to rely on nature (via the dairy cow or goat) or manufacturers to freeze-dry them. As for me, I’m not quite yet ready to keep livestock around the house.

Fortunately, there are a few major sources–such as The Ready Store–to procure your freeze-dried dairy products. In addition, you can often purchase these foods in large #10 cans for relatively reasonable prices. Even cooler is the fact that many of these foods will be shelf-stable for years to come. And, the best part is that these foods still taste great because of the freeze-drying process.

Here are a few suggestions for you…

Saratoga Farms Butter Powder is a wonderful butter product. A single #10 can includes 255 servings, which equates to about 16 sticks of butter, if my math is correct. Depending on your butter usage, a single can may last for weeks to months. For those who really want to stock up, buy a case of 12 canned butter at a significant discount over the single cans.

The Ready Store offers a variety of powdered cheeses, from a Saratoga Farms Cheese Sauce Blend to Saratoga Farms Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese and even Mountain House Cottage Cheese. Depending on your tastes, choose one or choose all and be set for a while.

You may also purchase a #10 can of Mountain House Whole Egg Powder that is roughly equivalent to about seven dozen large eggs by calorie count. I would encourage you to stock up a few cans if you eat eggs regularly.

If you’re so inclined, The Ready Store offers a Dairy ReadyPack that includes 3 cans of instant milk, 1 can cheese blend, 1 can butter powder, 1 can instant Alfredo sauce.

Last, if you cannot source powdered milk locally, then you can get quite a deal on a #10 can of Saratoga Farms Instant Milk or Saratoga Farms Instant Milk ValueBUCKET that is roughly equivalent to 8.5 #10 cans.

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