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You Might Be a Prepper If

I was recently inspired to write my own top 25 “You might be a Prepper if” list, enjoy!

You might be a Prepper If…

  • you own more guns than pairs of shoes
  • you look at your child’s new stuffed animal as a place to stash extra cash
  • you think expiration dates are for weenies
  • you have at least two hidden caches you won’t even tell your spouse about
  • your birthday wish list includes MOLLE gear, night-vision goggles, and more bullets
  • the term OPSEC brings a smile to your face
  • you scowl at your neighbor and his new Mercedes
  • you think everyone is out to get you
  • you KNOW everyone is out to get you
  • your garden is bigger than your lawn and you’re proud of it
  • you would rather build more shelving for your supplies than watch Sunday night football
  • you’ve contemplated which neighbor you would have to shoot first TEOTWAWKI+1
  • you’ve ever considered renting a backhoe just to dig a moat around your homestead
  • you think buying an RV just to park it on a rural parcel of land is a good idea
  • you think rainwater catchments are fun
  • you’ve spent more time tinkering with your solar system than playing with your kids
  • you think turning off you electricity and water constitutes family fun night
  • the phrase beans, bullets, and band-aids brings tears to your eyes
  • you keep buying more kerosene lanterns because you forget you already have a dozen
  • you dread putting up groceries because your pantry is about to explode
  • you’re happy because your pantry is about to explode
  • your kids can shoot better than you can
  • you think SHTF (or WROL) is a four-letter word
  • you view your ipod as a means of storing survival podcasts

and the number one reason you might be a Prepper…

  • you view an economic collapse as a minor inconvenience!

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