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Your Disaster Plan Is All Wrong!

I was recently updating my family’s disaster plan when it dawned on me that what I had in front of me wasn’t a plan at all. Rather, it was mostly a list of information about my family, our life, and various contact information. While certainly important, let’s call this former disaster plan what it was: information and contacts I would need if I were to ever evacuate on foot. Plain and simple.

In truth, the only planning part of what I had in front of me was a small section that detailed basic evacuation procedures… where we would meet if we had to evacuate our home or couldn’t return home. I felt that, as a plan, this was woefully inadequate. Unfortunately, this is about the only family disaster plan you’ll find if you search the Net. In other words, every family disaster plan out there is wrong, including yours!

So, I set out to create a REAL family disaster plan. Something that you can use to determine:

  • the top 5 disasters that concern you the most and how you’ll prepare for them
  • what to do with special needs situations such as diabetics or what to do with children and pets
  • evacuation procedures including when and where to evacuate, what supplies you’ll need, and so on
  • an overview of your home security and safety and what you can do about it

When it comes to a disaster plan, you want a plan… not just information. Premium subscribers can create and download a comprehensive family disaster plan in minutes. And don’t expect to necessarily take this plan with you if you were to evacuate. That’s not the point. Its purpose, however, is to get you to think now while you’re calm and rational. Get your spouse involved if at all possible. Two heads are better than one and your spouse will be more likely to accept the plan if he or she were involved from the beginning. Remember, take your time, do it right, and plan, plan, plan!

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