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Preparedness Items to get in End of Winter Sales (link)

Preparing is little more than thinking ahead… ok, it’s a LOT more than just that! In this case, it’s about buying equipment and supplies when they’re least expensive and nobody else wants them simply because they don’t have a need within the next 30 seconds. ;) This includes obvious items like winter coats and portable heaters as well as other items you might not have suspected like seasonal paper plates and bedding:

“It’s the end of winter (YAY!!!!!!) and all across America there are all sorts of clearance sales going on to get move out winter stock and prepare for next Christmas (joking, but only a little. Retailers are a wacky bunch!). Like we did for after-Halloween sales, and after Christmas sales, let’s make sure we’re keeping our eyes peeled for those post-winter clearances!”

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