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Hidden Storage and Secret Compartments (Many Pictures)

Here’s a neat Scribd guide titled “A Long-Term Survival Guide – Hidden Storage and Secret Compartments” that includes many, many ideas with accompanying pictures. There were so many ideas I had never seen before, maybe some will work for you. Enjoy!

View All The Photos Here

6 comments to Hidden Storage and Secret Compartments (Many Pictures)

  • I also a bit of an organization freak and I would for sure try to throw out
    or recycle a few of these items… and then be kicking myself because I
    just tossed out my valuables and money! Worse yet, my wife would be telling
    me “I told you so” for at least a few months. ;)

  • Great selection. Now just be careful what you send to the yard sale (or recycle — like that battery which clearly does not work)!

  • T.R.

    I love things like this !

    • Me too. I recently watched a tv show that had a guy who designed really awesome hidden space ideas… stuff that never crossed my mind. Sometimes it’s just easier to outsmart the bad guys.

      • T.R.

        Its almost scary how things can be hidden in plain sight . There are some very imaginative and crafty people out there , glad they pass their ideas on to people like us .

  • Hammer

    I’m going to spend some time perusing this article. There’s quite a bit there and gives me a few ideas, which is always dangerous!

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