Solo Stove Backpacking Pot a Whopping 53% Off!

For those that have a Solo Stove Wood Burning Backpacking Stove you can pick up the companion Solo Pot 900 for more than 50% off!

Here’s what they say about the Solo Pot 900 on Amazon:

  • Companion pot to the Solo Stove. Extremely durable and lightweight design. Only weighs 7.8 oz
  • Size: Height 4.5 inches, Diameter 4.7 inches
  • Material: Food grade 304 stainless steel
  • Max Volume: 30oz
  • Features: pouring spout, volume markings (oz, mL), foldable handles, lid with lockable lift tab. Includes black nylon stuff sack with drawstring

Even if you don’t have a solo stove the Solo Pot 900 might still be a great little backpacking / hiking pot at a great price right now.

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2 comments on “Solo Stove Backpacking Pot a Whopping 53% Off!
  1. Ed says:

    Check your math, round up to $60. Half off is $30.

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