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Not only is engaging and interesting content made available daily–including videos, the best blog posts from around the Net, as well as a wide variety of unique content from sun oven cooking to product reviews, my thoughts and experiments, and lots more… just look at the home page to get the idea–you’ll also find a ton of additional information, including…

  • The Video Vault (click here to view Disaster Planning videos) – several hundred videos on topics ranging from disaster planning, to food and water, medical and first aid, safety and security, fire, solar power, and more.
  • The “How To” Knowledge Base (click here to view page) – again, several hundred links detailing how to do more than you ever thought was possible (e.g., food storage, water treatment, first aid, fire, shelter, and so much more).
  • The only Guide to the Net (click here to view the Food Storage page) – the most useful (and free) tools, guides, and resources regarding all critical areas of emergency preparedness, including your hazard risk assessment, food storage, bulk foods, cooking, water procurement and treatment, home and personal safety, firearms, alternative energy, as well as dozens of additional guides and resources. There’s so much covered you just have to see it.

Still Not Sure? You’ll Also Find…

  • An assortment of Gear Reviews (link here) and even plenty of Survival Books (link here) are provided to get you and your family prepared quickly. These are products and books I’ve read and/or own.
  • Many YouTube Product reviews (view the knife reviews here) have been accumulated, categorized and alphabetized for easy reference of many popular survival products, including backpacks, clothing, knives, lighting, radios, tents, tools, water treatment options, and so much more.
  • Like Pinterest? I keep thousands of the most current, interesting, and useful Pinterest Pins (link here) all on one easy-to-reference, yet categorized, page.
  • I also keep a set of Real-Time Hazard Monitoring Tools for you to easily keep abreast of major disasters. It’s just one of those many perks you’ll enjoy here. :)

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