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Which of These 50 Essential Items do You Have for TEOTWAWKI? (link)

Yet another list of things you MUST buy! Much of it is straightforward but there were a few items that made me think about it… maybe I’ve got a few more things to get. :) Here’s the first part of the post:

“Arguably, the most important thing to store for a SHTF or complete TEOTWAWKI scenario is knowledge. Without it, you won’t survive. Beyond that, what physical things should you be storing? Check your list against ours to see what you might be forgetting or need more of.

1. Rubbing alcohol: Not only is rubbing alcohol good for disinfecting, it can also be used as a great ice pack when combined 1:2 with water. Rubbing alcohol also works as a fire starter, cleaning and disinfecting tools and more. Just don’t use it for mixed drinks!”

Read the full article here

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