13 Flood Safety Tips (link)


Originally written by Dr. Joe Alton of  www.doomandbloom.net

Floods may not seem like a “real” worrisome disaster to some people but I do believe that flooding almost always nears the top of the list of disasters which cause the most damage (in dollars) and even lives lost even here in America. They’re no joke and nothing to be taken lightly.

The following article first discusses the types of flooding–a few of which I’d never heard of–and then offers 13 tips you can and should use to better safeguard your family and possessions…

“The recent Louisiana floods which claimed 11 lives and damaged 40,000 homes show how easily low-lying areas can be devastated by bad weather. Floods can occur even in normally dry areas and are so common that they represent 75% of presidential disaster proclamations. They are often seen in conjunction with other disasters like hurricanes and other storms.

You’d have to live on a mountaintop to avoid a flood but, even then, you’re still at risk for mudslides as a result of heavy rains. In view of this, we recently added flood and mudslide preparedness as chapters to the new Third Edition of “The Survival Medicine Handbook”. Clearly, floods are a disaster that can happen, and you should know how to keep your family safe…”

Read more from Joe and Amy Alton at their website at www.doomandbloom.net or in their book, The Survival Medicine Handbook.

Read the full article here at DoomAndBloom.net

Author: Damian Brindle

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